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Optical Aberrations by Jim Kazanjian

yo. its nice to appreciate people’s inspiration even more if it is transplanted into really nice work — a seriously considered example is Jim, who just uses random photographs to create a form of nonexistent space furthermore connecting the dots in his own way in order to form a photograph .. hmm .. another thing that must be stated is his no-relation with the ‘taking a photo’ process- which makes the uniqueness on what he creates even more special —

– to get more in his boots –

”My current body of work is inspired in large part by the literature of H.P. Lovecraft and other ‘weird’ fiction writers. I am intrigued with the narrative archetypes they utilize to de-familiarize the familiar. I like to use those devices as a foundation to build upon and generate entry points for my images.”

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Le Corb[u]

big day today. just ignored a friend request from my childhood hero



100k Facebook Faces !

Room Installation by students @ Visual Arts and Design Kassel —

–Joern Roeder & Jonathan Pirnay

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The QUIZ ? // info leaked from Foster’s office

SOme lads from londan sent in a tip incuding two attachments.

First attachment

Second Attachment

Is hidden inside the following gallery!

TIP:  the attachment was the main concept diagram for the above project conceived by Sir/Lord & pARTNERS


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Design//some of the best Office spaces

How boring can a day at work be? maybe take a look at the pictures below before answering the question.
Without a doubt here are some of the most well designed and friendly offices around the world. Enjoy and have that in mind for your next internship application

/credits: Fash&Mark (+)


The Selgas Cano Architecture office