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Work in Progress \\ Alice Guy Hall


Grotte Stellaire

Palais de tokyo

a tribute to the primitive paintings that can be found in the caves of Lascaux

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The project deals with the ancestral fascination that the first men had for stars and the mystical power of the animal kingdom. These string drawings bring us back to the experience of a planetarium, where the ceiling shows us a sky we rarely see. Like beautiful constellations, these galloping beasts seem to escape invisible predators from an infinite galaxy.


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 interview-Julien Salaud

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La Triennale – Intense Proximity

Palais de Tokyo, Paris

– Current Exhibitions from the artist


Stenop.es project // apartments turned into pinhole cameras

yo yo, we present you a super.crazy project via prote[dot]in

An experimental photography project in Paris and Pushkar, India has transformed an apartment in each city into a giant pinhole cameras. The Stenop.es project, devised by French photographers Romain Alary and Antoine Levy, used the interior of the two apartments to function as a canvas for a projection of the cityscape outside.

To get it to work, the photographers firstly has to darken a room in each apartment and cover it with foil. They then made a small pinhole in the wall that let a beam of light from outside into the space. This was then magnified and turned into an internal projection, which was beamed on to the objects and surfaces inside the room. The images that resulted – which included buildings, traffic and passersby – were all captured by a video camera, and added to a sound recording from the street outside.

The Pinhole Movie Project is an ode to city life and watching the array of images is a beautiful, visual experience. To see the videos and find out more about the project, just visit the Stenop.es website.

I know the images above seem already inspiring but to get a better understanding of the project you should take a look at the video bellow