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Chalwa Drops // Weinventvou

after the X-tend Trip of Davidope – here comes another bright .gif maker under the name weinventvou –

weinventvouweinventvou3lastlight dazzledchanfrye

this series could easily be folded under the name ”smashing simplicities”-

see.u.soon botzsalviaeffect1


Boids // by Graig Reynolds [Emergence]


you are all probably familiar with this term normally used in tutorials, crits or coffee chats with starchitects.

Emergence : In philosophy, systems theory, science, and art, emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions.

Emergence is central to the theories of integrative levels and of complex systems.

I believe its easier to understand complex terms and phenomena(z) through case studies, the so called examples if you like.

Lets take a look at “BOILDS” which is an artificially intelligent computer application utilizing emergent behavior for animation, in this case the swarming behavior of birds.

“In 1986 I made a computer model of coordinated animal motion such as bird flocks and fish schools. It was based on three dimensional computational geometry of the sort normally used in computer animation or computer aided design. I called the generic simulated flocking creatures boids. The basic flocking model consists of three simple steering behaviors which describe how an individual boid maneuvers based on the positions and velocities its nearby flockmates:”

I imagine you still do not really get it so here are 3 videos based on the above mentioned principles:

* * *

If interested,

and want to learn more on Emergence, scripting or generally the work of Craig Reynolds,

follow the link to his website ☞ [Click]

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