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Out of Season / Out of sense [Pt.3 Discovery Learning]

(IGERT) program (IGERT) program [2] (IGERT) program [4] (IGERT) program [3]

Frost Flowers – Arctic Ocean


the project in short(+)

This activity is all about new discoveries in the natural environment as we further our goals of understanding the extreme forms of microbial life in the Arctic, and how this may be applied to the origin of life here on Earth, as well as looking for life on other moons and planets.


Foster research that will advance the frontiers of knowledge, emphasizing areas of greatest opportunity and potential benefit and establishing the Nation as a global leader in fundamental transformational science and engineering.


This activity is being conducted by one of our IGERT Trainees and will be the main part of his PhD thesis, and thus it contributes to the nation’s science workforce.


Build the Nation’s research capability through critical investments in advanced instrumentation, facilities, cyber infrastructure, and experimental tools.


Juhyou Trees

Juhyou MonstersJuhyou Monsters [1]

- - -.


Camouflage Subdivision [pt.020-17]

Duke of Lancasterduke of lancaster graffiti 4

An abandoned ship off the North Wales coast has been brought back to life after being covered in intricate street art..

duke of lancaster graffiti 3

..the hull of the rusting Duke Of Lancaster has been used as a blank canvas by a host of international graffiti artists, who call themselves the DuDug collective..

duke of lancaster graffiti 6duke of lancaster graffiti

..turning the ship into a floating art installation was the brainchild of former street artist Maurice Blunt, who spotted the Duke Of Lancaster from a train.. 

duke of lancaster graffiti 7duke of lancaster graffiti 1

DuDug aims to transform The Duke into the largest open air art gallery in the country. Blunt told Wales Online she already has 22 artists signed up to the project and is negotiating with many more

duke of lancaster graffiti 2

keep up the good work guys!




via (+)

Bar – Shimuraya \ Tokyo

Japanese designer Noi Shigemasa, focusing in store and display design the last 30 years, has established his studio under the  ”shigemasa noi design office”  name and has concentrated in being more specified in creative works developing as well as focusing on store design as can be seen from the ”Shimuraya Bar at Tokyo” beneath.

☞more at

 Ze Gallery☜

whaat?? u chinese??


Point of view by –> NOI SHIGEMASA

Out of Season / Out of sense

one word expressionism

[size the view-]


ART // From Kids, For Kids

yo little bots,

since we are all into interdisciplinary-boundary-crossing-grey-zone stuff here is a super cool fuckin’ up of a random milky whitespace…


then a bunch of kids got their hands onto some colourful stickers provided by the galery, and…




Contestants posing before battle in JN’s basement “Fight Club”

True Architecture #4 // Hamster season

we were really happy this afternoon here at the FG

cos we finished a small project which had been going on…

our two pet hamster have a new pimped out, home made, 0 cost, headquarters….

we then searched on the net for some other cool home made cages and guess what..??

we are presenting

True Architecture No4 // Hamster Season



thats alll for this true architect..or maybe not…….?

hamsters, chicks and hustlaz…