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Sunday dicking around

introducing some of the hottest women in the porn industry.today you will have the opportunity to admire the verbal skills and intellectual greatness of the beloved…..Aletta Ocean, Nicole Aniston, Tori Black, Jenna Haze and Alexis Texas, Enjoy

FG MEGA-Archive // Star wars original drawings

yo yo yo.

sunday chiin at the office and we were going around some of the gems in our library.

this next post comes straight from the realm of George Lucas, where fantasy meets reality.


If you enjoyed this post better check out the “Blade runner Sketchbook” (LINK)
If not, gtfo and update ur facebook status to “rip” LOL

BugFights2 // giant hornets Vs bees

because even i can be troled sometimes, here is some truly UNIQUE footage made by BBC(1)and NationalGeographic(2)…

Yes, no architecture in this post, but this is surely a MUST-SEE

so the first vid

the story of 30 giant hirnets invading a honeycomb of 30,000 normal bees...Careful, 1000 : 1..thats some scalesurfing….

Giant hornet feasting on bee nymphs…Hardcore…

Video number two

…Poor giant hornet scouter goes into the wrong honeycomb…ChCK out the action….

Is this supposed to be a rugby game lads?

Now wasnt that worth the time…?

Knowledge // The World’s Biggest Cable Bridge

Super interesting post

on this megastructure in Rio, GR

National Geographic style###

have a nice w/e

just hired…