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Dead Church Installation

Given the fact that im a big fan of Kurt Schwitters or Raumlabor it was impossible for me not to like this big size installation by Revok and Jim Darling.

via revok1

I first met JIM DARLING a few years ago in Miami when we were showing together in a group show. Jim is a super nice guy and his work blew me away and we stayed in contact every since. Jim recently visited me here in Detroit and we finally got to collaborate on something together. After cruising around for a bit we found this massive dead church and spent two days creating this really large installation inside using only materials already inside the church. It was fucking exhausting labor but well worth it since we had such a blast doing it.

We ended up carrying a massive organ up two flights of stairs, a piano, a TV, and a ton of other random shit to erect this gigantic monument.

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Collage / Illustration by Dmitry Ligay

holla bitcheeeez,

here are some great collages by Dmitry Ligay [pay a visiti to his page for more of his creations]


Intellectual Horsepower // Emergency Dwellings

yo & hello again my TOP IQ readers!


Mid-day AGGRESSIVE level up.. for you IN THE PROCESS

You are in a situation where something correctly planned takes an unexpected turn.

[we are gonna work in parallel..training our Intellectual Horsepower for Temporary Emergency Habitation]

In a weakened state, disaster victims need immediately to have shelter and safety. Emergency Shelters should be easy to install and to move location if its needed, wind-resistant, modular and of course like  feathers[whaa] combining compaction and lightweight to the maximum.

F*UCK DAT SHIT * thats why we are here

Cool Down. Excessive emotionality decreases the effective use of brain power. The emotional system hijacks the brain until the threat is removed. The brain works best under cool conditions. If you tend to get emotional about things, wait a minute or two to regain your composure and then try to solve the problem.

So, dealing with Dynamic Tension Structures :

  • Human Dwellings—> Improve, or redesign if needed, their standard of structural stability and performance, having as a goal to make them have a rare probability to collapse or sustain damage in a catastrophe(human or natural made)
  • Patternize a way and design temporary structures(easily mass produced) using the minimum amount of materials to get the greatest level of effectiveness.


Learn to separate your opinions from facts you know. Help others do the same. Opinionated people are seldom clear thinkers and good problem solvers.


Rigid or narrow beliefs decrease the use of your brain power. Our experience unknowingly creates boundaries for our thinking. Try to think outside your belief  boundaries. You don’t have to give them up,  just turn them off when your are thinking about a problem or challenge.

Applying Fullers invention, the spherical Geodesic Dome combines usage of the minimum amount of surface area, energy saving, low cost of materials and minimum labor. Fuller introduced the idea that when the sphere’s diameter is doubled it will quadruple its square footage and produce eight times the volume.[correct or what?]

Fuller writes in 1928, “These new homes are structured after the natural system of humans and trees with a central stem or backbone, from which all else is independently hung, utilizing gravity instead of opposing it. This results in a construction similar to an airplane – light, taut, and profoundly strong.” (R.B. Fuller, 4D Timelock)

F*UCK DAT SHIT * (haha i wrote that again)

Think Systems:Analyze everyday events and processes and try to see why they work the way they do. Take complex problems and try to show how almost all problems are some form of  models that already exist.

Spherical dome structures win on the efficiency/value stats as the most efficient interior atmospheres because air and energy circulate without any barriers. Take past examples on geodesic shelters (Biosphere–space living simulations) and see that because heating and cooling occur naturally, such human dwellings are proven to be the most effective and efficient shelter possible.

Visualize: People learn and think better using different media. Try studying problems and challenges and communicate the elements of a problem to others. Using a different media than you are used to, can help you see a problem differently and involve a part of your brain you don’t normally use to come with solutions.

It’s nearly certain that the first interplanetary human dwellings will be entirely geodesic in design.

Design Science Fuller Stuff(+)

In case you did not bother to read any of the content or understand anything from the post..todays’ concept is :

ART // Iain Macarthur

The last days we are in a mission to share cool artists that not everyone is aware of!

Take your time, scroll down and enjoy Iain Macarthur’s creations


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