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No way home // Rafa Zubiria

” the point in life when you realizes that, what you always thought of as home is no longer your home. There is a break with the past that cannot be recovered. With this break comes a sense of loss and the distortion of nostalgia.”




100k Facebook Faces !

Room Installation by students @ Visual Arts and Design Kassel —

–Joern Roeder & Jonathan Pirnay

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Perspective Drawing // Extracts of Local Distance


the power of the drawing, discover your project through ur drawings, try to design in perspective, killer drawing, bla bla bla 

Someone actually googled “draw like in presidents medals” and landed in the FG = Lolz

Anyway, here is a set of different perspective drawings, created by existing photos of buildings. The collages look ultra-cool but since the same technique is used in every photo-reference, once youve seen the result 2-3 times it becomes ultra-repetitive.

Still cool at the moment, so enjoy!

.1) Untitled mix

.2) Radio Bremen

.3) Kunsthalle Hamburg

.4) Funkhaus

.5) Elberg Campus

.6) Bibliothek Uni Hamburg

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Collage / Illustration by Dmitry Ligay

holla bitcheeeez,

here are some great collages by Dmitry Ligay [pay a visiti to his page for more of his creations]