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Undercover Ctscape – map ideas

 for all you exceling your chasing undercover methods –  Tim Skylarov introduces u to a former, USSR spectrum – map idea ..

Not far from the port of Tallinn, Estonia there is an old flour warehouse that was abandoned for decades until recent years – now it’s a museum of old and eclectic cars, bikes, military vehicles and some other stuff from the Soviet era. 

Gallery az usual


-Undercover Ctscape –

Street Installations // Mark Jenkings

mid-day Sunday special, with an around the globe hung out with Mark Jenkings street installations. Checkout the conceptuality of the artist  — only for yOu open-minded readers —

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get the gist outta this and ..

..eye contact the FG way ;)

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Urban Scale Wars // uninhabited city of Marnehuizen

Good morning rockstars (lol)

Marnehuizen is a Dutch false and uninhabited city included in the military camp of Marnewaard, near Groningen.

The city provides the army a stage to simulate future urban combats, emergencies and raids, and it consists of a number of streets, some dwellings, a section of railways with a train station, a bank, a supermarket, a warehouse and even a sewers systems. Europe prepares for what is already happening in Athens and what is probably going to happen again in metropolis under siege like London and Paris.

Paintball – Counterstrike – Riots all combined in real life

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Photography // Philipp Klinger

Good.Morning little Giraffes,

After popular request following posts on Photography, Architecture & Cityscape like :

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We present you the beautiful work of Philipp Klinger, based on capturing architectural and urban elements though his lense


The rest of the photos,
are displayed bellow due to lack of space in the post and for better navigation in the gallery bellow ☟

Big up to Klinger for this fantastic work (+)