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Hacks \ Bend down the corner

This gallery contains 24 photos.

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70+ years, 9 photos, 1 angle of view

located at the Art House Tacheles main staircase , with a random sequence of time by different photographers\ visitors \ artists.




  morning FG warrior gettin’ ready to deal with some serious office work-megan fox future giraffes VII

Midnight lucid reconceptualisations_Da Grimshaah’

Hello Europez, hello Germany.

We are coming for you. Late night aggro style back from the day…

This weekend we were in the private bidding for the London Design Museum with our beloved Zaha and mi boy Grimshaah’You know..one more iconic producer of culture who has given us yet another masterpiece…lolz

Whaaa???is this a boat.???

No this is a undercover building u vlaka.

But no seriously…u should all take a few moments here and realize that its all in how you sell a concept…aint that right Grimshaaaahh?




Marta Penter \\ Shared Intimacy

 as a psychologist-turned-painter, based in Brazil, the artist is playing mind games using basically watercolors and oils on canvas. We choose her for her nice point of view on the bottom angled paintings ;)

“When you have a large image, it causes you to become a part of the painting much quicker than if it were to be smaller.” she stated

Marta Penter’s personal website (+)

Sexual Color / Gabriel Wickbold

straight from São Paulo, Brazil | power motion – feel the forces

be aware of the doubles comin ;) Continue reading

Library Interiors — Candida Höfer

letting interior be the subject – Candida Höfer’s book Libraries gives us her perspective on contemporary photography

[scroll down xp needed]

take a look☟

Wiblingen Abbey, Germany

Trinity College, Dublin

Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam

public part British Library, London

Nationnale Library of Austria, Vienna

Metten Abbey, Germany


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Can you feel it? // Julius Shulman

lots of respect for the architectural photographer Julius Shulman  (October 10, 1910 – July 15, 2009) — quotes from LAtimes –> link

His mission was to use his photography to build the reputation of architects who were bringing innovative design to the West. His clients included Frank Lloyd Wright and Rudolf M. Schindler.


Shulman’s studio was one of three in the United States to which Arts & Architecture, Architectural Forum and other magazines turned to document the exciting new work being done in architecture.

“He has a sense of visual bravura of composition so that he can take a rather mundane house and make it look exciting, and take a spectacular house and 

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The “Magic” of Lithium \\

Hardcore archive play for now — back to ’03 thinkin’ with no sense of dignity,

“Lithium … is the lightest of the solid elements, and it is

perhaps not surprising that it should in consequence possess

certain modest magical qualities.” —G. P. Hartigan, psychiatrist


Lithium is used routinely to even out the extreme mood swings of patients with manic-depressive illness, or bipolar disorder. Increasingly, however, it is also offered to people with depression. But a growing body of evidence indicates that this compound can literally keep people who are at risk of suicide alive. In 1998 lithium pioneer Mogens Schou of the Psychiatric Hospital in Risskov, Denmark, pulled together the results of various studies of lithium as a suicide preventive and observed  that people not taking the drug were three to 17 times as likely to end their own lives as depressed people who took the medication. Likewise, Schou determined that lithium reduced suicide attempts by a factor of between six and 15.

It can cause hand tremors, constant thirst, frequent urination, weight gain, lethargy, reduced muscle coordination, blurred thinking and short-term memory deficits. People on it must also have its concentration in their blood assessed regularly to ensure that it is within the therapeutic range: the drug is usually ineffective below 0.6 millimole per liter of blood serum and can cause life threatening toxic reactions if the level becomes higher than two millimoles per liter.

How does it exert its salutary effects? Despite a number of tantalizing leads, researchers are still not certain. “It’s hard to say at this time,” says Ghanshyam N. Pandey of the University of Illinois. “There are so many modes of action.” Lithium is thought to affect tiny ports called ion channels on the surfaces of nerve cells, or neurons. As they open and close, ion channels admit or bar charged atoms that determine the electrical potential within the cells, thereby dictating their activity and ability to communicate with other neurons. Scientists posit that the drug stabilizes the excitability of the neurons by influencing  the ion channels or by skewing the chain reaction of biochemical events that occur within an excited cell.


A drug only works, though, if someone takes it properly. In the May 2002 issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Jan Scott and Marie Pope of the University of Glasgow reported that half of a group of 98 patients who were taking a moodstabilizing drug such as lithium failed to stick with their drug regimen. Yet, the researchers noted, just 1 percent of scientific publications on the subject of mood stabilizers looked at why patients did not take their lithium as prescribed. J. John Mann of the New York State Psychiatric Institute says that a major factor in noncompliance is the human desire not to want to think of oneself as ill. “There’s a natural reluctance to take any medicine long-term,” Mann explains. “When a person is depressed, they have a problem imagining ever getting better. When they’re well, they can’t imagine getting sick again.”

The side effects of lithium also play a role. Kay Redfield Jamison, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University who studies manic-depression and suicide—and who is a manicdepressive herself—has found that the most common reasons patients stop taking the drug are cognitive side effects, weight gain and impaired coordination. In her moving memoir, An Unquiet Mind, she recounts her own struggle to come to terms with the fact that she will probably be coping with lithium’s side effects for the rest of her life.

Copyright © 2003 by Scientific American,

part of –” Why? The Neuroscience of Suicide”  by Carol Ezzell  –

FG and go with it

Insane Breaking News // Kanye West THE Architect ✘ (NOT!)


dezeen after a long time made my day. (I was about to post something else )




Remember the time you used to ask stoopid chicks : “whos ur favorite architect?”

and they replied : ” BRAD”


My next favorite nominee for the Pritzker in terms of creativity and his devotion to the field of architecture and design will be : …..







Anyway, send ur books to contactDONDA@gmail.com, probably the money will be good and the secretaries ultra hot! + After office drinks will never be the same with KANYE AS YOUR BOSS!!!

lets all hope that he lost a bet or something and his friends made him post these updates. or it is just a twitter rape!



Are you f*cking with me? // Ze Challenge

i have a question whichis triveling my mind since i saw on frame web…(+)

Challenger #1 : CZWG Architects

Challenger #2 : Hopkins Architects


Who’s been fuckin who’s assistant here..?

Note (I know this post smells like “someone has built it before”) but sorry. Im trying not to throw up in my mouth. It is just that the above mentioned assistant is super hot

#1 Canada Water Library, Londan

#2 Nottingham-better known as Shotingham- Uni Library