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“Favela”, Fernando Alan

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Innovative Constructions — Bridges \\ Part 2


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8)Da Vinci Bridge – Norway

“Leonardo Da Vinci sketched plans for this bridge in 1502 for Sultan Bajazet II of Constantinople, but it wasn’t until 500 years later that the design was brought to life by Norweigan artist Vebjørn Sand”

9)Pythonburg – Netherlands

“its steep incline wouldn’t pass muster under the Americans With Disabilities Act, which sets a 5 percent limit on the grade of such structures”

10)Gateshead Millenium Bridge – Newcastle – UK

Wilkinson Eyre describes the bridge’s movement as looking like a “slowly opening eyelid” when it raises, a process that takes fewer than 5 minutes

11)Oresund Bridge — Starts in Denmark- Finishes as a tunnel in Sweden

“Creating the tunnel was likely the best and cheapest solution to completing the crossing without impeding boat traffic”

12)Puente de la muer — Buenos Aires-Argentina

“A lot of bridge architects, like myself, are trying to get movement into these bridges, and this is one way to do it,”

D.Macdonald (+)

Innovative Constructions — Bridges \\ Part 1


#world’s strangest bridges ☞

todays topic is smart constructions, and specifically bridges. Architects around the world, given a landscape or a town problem come out with extraordinary ideas on designing innovative and some times really impressive constructions. Evolution on materials used, as well as design software BUMP up the level ..leading to ^top shelf^ results.

Its nice to have in mind, and extra appreciate constructions made by architects for their hometown, and how they try to fit their designs to the country’s culture or from locals thinking view.

Having some comments from Architect Donald MacDonald, here is the first part of Innovative Bridges aroung the world.. Enjoy

1)Rolling Bridge-London-Heatherwick Studios

This bridge represents an experimental gesture, and it’s really complicated for what it does.

2)Henderson Waves – Singapore

3)Sundial bridge – California

The deck’s truss bears the bulk of the bridge’s load, while the cables appear slack compared with those of other bridges.

4)Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge – Brasilia

Architect Alexandre Chan, who designed the bridge:”I wanted to avoid straight lines on the deck in order to accentuate Brasilia’s striking sunsets.”

5)Millau Viaduct – France

What is unusual is to have the towers taper in both directions as they rise.

6)Pony Gustave – Flaubert –France

Using twin roadways allows more sunlight to penetrate the water under the bridge, an important consideration for the river’s ecosystem.

7)Langkawi Sky Bridge – Malaysia

One of the highest elevated single-stay bridges in the world.

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