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Sci-fi 3D Heart // ze skills

Lately I got some free time so there is a crazy amount of new stuff i discover everyday classified as worth-sharing.

Just for you some mad 3D skills by

Aleksandr Kuskov AleksCG


a quick image from one of his other projects

Typology lessonz

Yo wannabbbe starchitects,

take some tips from this guy on how to make a symbolic building. I am sure you can use him as a reference on your essay about “learning from Las Vegas” if you are still in 2nd year.

+  bonus

for all our reporters out there sending us tips (too busy at the moment; we’ll get onto it a.s.a.p)

Ciao for now..keep ur head up for the GIRAFFFE ^

Let it snow // Macro insights

back in the loop..macro-ing on some pretty funky snowflakes

Quality not quantity as always…


-weather bitches for mordi-

Soft gravitational pull towards fleshy architectural bodies.

Hello again little minions,

Earlier today I stumbled upon an ubercool post by the archives of Synaptic.Stimuli (+) ( ☚ YES this little cross is the LINK), and decided to share the love of sexy fibers and cleverly interlocking membranes


Are you f*cking with me? // Ze Challenge

i have a question whichis triveling my mind since i saw on frame web…(+)

Challenger #1 : CZWG Architects

Challenger #2 : Hopkins Architects


Who’s been fuckin who’s assistant here..?

Note (I know this post smells like “someone has built it before”) but sorry. Im trying not to throw up in my mouth. It is just that the above mentioned assistant is super hot

#1 Canada Water Library, Londan

#2 Nottingham-better known as Shotingham- Uni Library