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FG MEGA-Archive // Star wars original drawings

yo yo yo.

sunday chiin at the office and we were going around some of the gems in our library.

this next post comes straight from the realm of George Lucas, where fantasy meets reality.


If you enjoyed this post better check out the “Blade runner Sketchbook” (LINK)
If not, gtfo and update ur facebook status to “rip” LOL

Blade Runner Sketchbook (1982)

As promised here is the Blade Runner Sketchbook from 1982

Fortunately someone in the virtual interactive online platform of ISSUU was kind enough to share this document with the rest of agents, bots, humans and bees of the platform.

Link to issuu (+)

I dont want to say anything more since you may have not seen the movie yet ( I have not )

Just enjoy the pictures

Not a “bonus” this time but a

QUESTION for our readers

We received last night (not very late tho) an email with this attachment..

Whats the meaning of this image file? what does it mean?

any ideas?