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Image of the Day ● Isamu Noguchi’s Studio NY

seeing unicorns every single day

 | Arno Rafael Minkkinen’s work show his passionate belief in what he does , something that can be easily seen if u see the amount of work and the comparison with his love for a certain lifestyle |

really good artist – dnt miss the way he introduces himself –> Intro

‘Hands and Feet’

~to sense gravity, hang from a cliff by your fingertips

to breathe like an animal,  run naked through a dessert~

dnt miss it – join his way of traveling through photos


Weird Making It Real


Image of the Day ● Henri Evenepoel in three-way mirror

Henri Evenepoel. Self-portrait in three-way mirror, 1898. Modern gelatin silver print, 2011, from original negative, 1 1/2 x 2 in. © Archives of Contemporary Art in Belgium–Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels

Image of the Day ● squeezed high rise

Back in 2nd year we were all given a brief about a tiny long house. OMG it was a difficult semester. this guy liked it so much that made it happen. Big upz!


Mirrors, Masks and Spaces


By Herbert Molderings


Barbara Mülhens-Molderings

via lemagazine (+)

Marta Penter \\ Shared Intimacy

 as a psychologist-turned-painter, based in Brazil, the artist is playing mind games using basically watercolors and oils on canvas. We choose her for her nice point of view on the bottom angled paintings ;)

“When you have a large image, it causes you to become a part of the painting much quicker than if it were to be smaller.” she stated

Marta Penter’s personal website (+)

Dim the Lights – Chris Friel

Short Bio(+)
”Chris Friel is a british colour blind painter who bought a camera in 2006 and has not painted since. He has been shortlisted for the Sunday Times landscape photographer of the year for the last 4 years, and won a judge’s choice award in 2011. His images have been exhibited in the south bank centre, on the santiago subway in chile, and projected behind the london sinfonietta in the royal festival hall.”

Good one


Landscape Photography

Chris Friel Photo Archive