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Whole sky \\

563 million stars and galaxies

2.7 million Photos — 180 million pixels

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WOW II // 3D scans n’ sh*t

forget the robotic arm you saw in Coop’s office which used to scan ur ACTUAL models.

lets take it to the next level …

OrcaM Orbital Camera System is the shit..-seriously havent seen a machine this impressive in a while-

-Scannin like a boss-

“Developed by a German company called Nek (site is in German), the OrcaM uses a system of seven cameras to create 3D models of any object placed inside its “reconstruction sphere.”

Currently, the machine is limited to objects that are no larger than 31.5 inches wide and 200 pounds in weight. Once placed inside the sphere and sealed shut, the cameras circle the orb taking high definition photos of the object at different angles. Meanwhile, inside the sphere a system of lights illuminate at different times to capture the object’s geometry.

After the photographing session, or the acquisition process as they call it, is over, a computer automatically processes the images to create a 3D model that accurate down to the submillimeter range.

Nek says the aim of the OrcaM Orbital Camera System is to provide high-quality digital representations of objects for use on the Internet, movies, video games, and other digital media. Some examples the company gives is using the 3D models to showcase items up for auction on the Web and creating virtual museums.”

lets check this BABY in some hot ACTION…

So long suckerz…

Note to Frank “hammer-free-form” Gehry

No Frank, unfortunatelly no scanner can fix your model..oh, wait…….

The QUIZ ? // info leaked from Foster’s office

SOme lads from londan sent in a tip incuding two attachments.

First attachment

Second Attachment

Is hidden inside the following gallery!

TIP:  the attachment was the main concept diagram for the above project conceived by Sir/Lord & pARTNERS


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Well played B.I.G // 700 $ Million Loan denied


we got informed about that yesterday but did not think is worth posting.

However, we keep reading about this situation again and again the last 2 hours and admit it.. is still funny!

B.I.G :

show me the money,

cash flow millionaire,

high roller,

arab money,

diagrams for $$$,

push-pull-rotate-check ur balance,






“We all knew that the charismatic charm of Bjarke Ingels and his artfully presented Scandinavian modernist mash-ups could only go so far: as Politiken reports, the City of Copenhagen has denied the over $700 million loan needed to advance the competition-stealing trash-incinerator-cum-ski-slope proposed by BIG last year. It turns out that this spectacular scheme to redesign the Amagerforbrænding incinerator would ultimately increase the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 30% annually and also fix the waste treatment plant in place for at least another 30 years. The smoke-ring-blowing recreational monument emphasized the hedonism of Bjarke’s “hedonistic sustainability” mantra perhaps a little too much, lest we forget the sustainable part.”

Source : Architizer (+)



Yes, thats the building that was supposed to throw away smoke circles!



Sunday tips + updates


first things first

we dont give a f*ck about our readers (yes thats you im talking about)

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For those who want to roll with the boss we’ve added a new “tips” sections so we can quickly aim on our next posts and spread the love (whaaaa?)

Tips to the FG (+)

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Have a nice sunday


Unpacking the FG archive #2//Thursday night Randomiser

keepin it SUPER simple *

…”always try to randomize it.!”…




See ya..!


Sunday Bluff// Model Deconstruction


just raising our equity by range merging the off-hand stats from our leader position with this post about destroying models…smashing things is super awesome.!!

the DeathFromAbove

the JustPlayin’Stoopid

the ItHitTheFan

the PrankCall

the DramaticOne


Photoshop CS4 Tutorials//THE BJARKE

The truth is, our little troll minions, that we had another article under construction for you tonight…something like how super-creative and uber-versatile danish architecture firms are…

Instead, here is some food for thought…(Sad no?)



NOTE1 Think about it

NOTE2 The chinese interns working on the site must have had so much fun…

boring friday

Holla stoopid readers,

we just got back in paris and realized that THE BIG will hit our city with his Diagram-Architecture. BORING!

It is clear that he got influenced by our negotiation techniques (yes those we used to obtain Presidents Medals winners from Mr.Richardsson)

As a result he will realize one of the most radical and potentially influential buildings of the century. Its a pure cube with one node point moved to the left WITHOUT pressing “Shift” (that was a key point for the design process)
. Up Up for THE BIG a.k.a I Make Bitches Wet (+)

we dont really care since tonight will be hitting once again all the hot spots of Paris
and after 03:00 our loft office will be looking a bit like that:

Architects explaining their ideas


We firmly believe that when an architect tries to communicate his ideas in order to explain his new masterpiece; the whole presentation transforms into a performance and the architect himself into an artist.

Check below so you can potentially accumulate a few of their techniques into your up coming presentations^^

The killer.look.

The working.in.parallel.

The having.the.right.moves.takes.time.

Som freestyle action

The clash.of.titans.

The the.buffet.is.waiting.

The sponsored.by.red.bull

The killer.look.No.2

The NOT.sponsored.by.red.bull.

The one.man.army.

graduated top of his class

The dragon.ball.style

The Utopian

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