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Antiseptic Industrial Zones \\ Andreas Gursky

zup ..  excelling at capturing large crowds as well as representing urban landscapes, the dazzling effect that this photographer/artist addresses is further than that of digital manipulation ..

 Nha Trang Vietnam '04

Nha Trang Vietnam ’04

In the early 80’s Andreas Gursky(+) was a student of iconic photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. By 2008, he held the world’s record for most expensive photograph sold at auction for just 2.7 million pounds –> link

Brazil Station '05

Brazil Station ’05

A.G – analogies 

I compare my work to that of a writer. He writes from what he remembers and his different impressions..

Bergwerk Ost '08

Bergwerk Ost ’08

 ..in a way, a writer has the freedom to connect different thoughts, and this is the way I work with photography..

Kuwait Stock Exchange '00

Kuwait Stock Exchange ’00

.. it is not a straight documentary but the details that are going together, they come from the real world and they exist.”

Shanghai '00

Shanghai ’00

A.G – tendencies 

In former times, I had a long distance from what I was photographing and it didn’t matter if I was personally involved. But I think in the last years I have had a very strong relationship [with my subjects.] ..

Pyongyang '07

Pyongyang ’07

..for example, with Formula 1, it took me four of five years to finish all the pictures, so I was really involved in the world.”

Bahrain '06

Bahrain ’06

also worth mentioning , most of his photographs are large-scaled  and seek patterns in real environments through perfection of the color contrast and the geometric lines  /



Undercover Ctscape – map ideas

 for all you exceling your chasing undercover methods –  Tim Skylarov introduces u to a former, USSR spectrum – map idea ..

Not far from the port of Tallinn, Estonia there is an old flour warehouse that was abandoned for decades until recent years – now it’s a museum of old and eclectic cars, bikes, military vehicles and some other stuff from the Soviet era. 

Gallery az usual


-Undercover Ctscape –

Library Interiors — Candida Höfer

letting interior be the subject – Candida Höfer’s book Libraries gives us her perspective on contemporary photography

[scroll down xp needed]

take a look☟

Wiblingen Abbey, Germany

Trinity College, Dublin

Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam

public part British Library, London

Nationnale Library of Austria, Vienna

Metten Abbey, Germany


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Sun Explosions ~ Shoot it Live

The previous days, after being a spacial part of one of the largest sun explosions of the decade, scientists around the world gathered to start a game predicting shows of  northern lights.( much the same as predicting the weather)



Halloween Storms 2003


Jan. 22, 2012 — Over the weekend, the Earth’s magnetic field was struck by a coronal mass ejection (CME). The CME — a vast bubble of solar plasma that had erupted from the sun on Jan. 19 — took longer than expected to travel through interplanetary space, but on Sunday it made contact.

[Bjørn Jørgensen]

Jan. 23, 2012 — Serious sun explosions, the most powerful kind(X-flare),  focussed everyones attention leading to really big bets.

Jan. 24, 2012 —The promised aurora came at last, and hit Earth magnetic field.. creating some of the most beautiful auroras ever captured! [exact time of hit was a bit unexpected..10 min difference to the expected.. big payouts avoided]

[Göran Strand]

Northern lights travel over the sky with more than 500 miles per second. It lights up everything around us, and all snow was completely green. Fantastic night.

[Chad Blakley]

Jan. 25, 2012 —

-33 degrees celsius, lots of snow on the trees and great auroras. Can a night become better? The first show around 8 pm was great. Then nothing and nothing, just cold feets. But suddendly around 11 pm there was a second even larger show of dancing auroras. It became a late night…

[Peter Rogen]


Keeping on.. we may be protected from sun radiation due to our magnetic field.. but Mars has an atmosphere 100-times thinner than Earth’s and doesn’t possess a global magnetic field. When the CME hits Mars, it will experience an increase in radiation on the surface and may even have some of its atmosphere removed completely!