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Art Apps \\ 3D puzzle

On behalf of his new launch for a 3D puzzle game for Android phones (click to see,  kickstarter) , gif artist Dain Fagerholm presents us his series of stereographic drawings which are pretty similar to the concept of the game

Gifs FTW ☛ Dain Fagerholm style

Dain Fagerholm

The name of it .. PENROSE!



Jap Math

Typical Error GIFs

.should have happened to most of you. for you that are not on that list..  weinvwntvou6


..sketch below the correct pattern to further process


Circle Square Triangle

click for full size gif

via the project ”Further Abstracts” by Alma Alloro

Awesome Stereoscopic 3-D GIFs From 1930s Paris

hotographer Alexis Isaac was passing by a second-hand store in Paris when he saw a collection of stereoscopic glass plates. Isaac was intrigued by the camera that captured the images, a type of viewer that took transparent film instead of paper. The combination of the stereograph and the glass plates creates a startling 3-D effect, bringing the ever romantic vintage Paris back to life. While some 3-D animated moments are a bit hokey, these captivating photos of the French countryside have absolutely stolen our hearts.

via the huffingtonpost

Architects Explaining their ideas // Part 2


remember our first post on ☞ “architects explaining their ideas ?” hahah

This time Cory Monteith was kind enough to explain his ideas in front of the FG jury

FG : Why buildings fall down ?

CM : No f*cking idea !

FG : So, you had dinner with Bjarke; how was his girlfriend ?

CM : mmmm

– Clients wanted me to change my initial design….

– “no comment”

FG : Will Pete the Eisenman ever win the Pritzker ?

CM : ….

FG : Any comment on starchitects wearing o.n.l.y black?

CM: Lol (silent lol)

– Zaha called and invited me as a guest to a crit in Vienna..I was like BOOM!

– Dont even get me started on summer parties in Maximiliano’s house ^^

*  * *

enough for tonight.

FG team is going out in Paris to spott some new secretaries



LOL // Hamsters FTW

Decided to avoid posting something already in the Queue to be published


thats the game we play 2nt

See you 2mo