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kittens + architecture ● L0L5

hahahah to be honest we came across different versions of the LOLcats a while ago, but just found the way to the source. So why not; lets post about it!

Images via ☞ Link

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Le Bananas a.k.a the.BOSS // new FG author

we proudly present you:

the newest addition to the team. A huge & aggressive player who will be taking care of any single starchitect and wannabe gay designer.

Fashionistas with ur moleskinez beware!

As a small preview “Le Boss” while killing a stoopid architect :

and moments before his attack to the city of San Francisco

! ! !

How Animals See The World ?!

NEWS // Fake Rhino attempts to escape ! LOL

hahaha i just love peepol from China/Japan…random post to the bone !

According to BBC :

“A zoo in Tokyo has been simulating a rhino escape to prepare staff for a possible emergency.

Two employees wore a life-size rhino costume and tried to escape the compound before being hit with fake tranquilisers and trapped in nets.”

Mark Percy reports.




2012 Trends // Cat-like

yes, i know

even super-troll ethel posted some article about what the trends of 2012 are..

and yes

thinking like an animal made it to the top 10

now think like cats and dogs bots….

anyway here is a super cool house in japan for a family who obviously relishes its pets….

Asahi Kasei and his crew true to the bone, allways delivering what the client wants

Super cat friendly!


the Moulen

ARCHITECTURE ● Meat & Butcher // the best excuse for a cool student project

I know most of you navigate in cyberspace in order to stumble upon cool images or event better KILLER images from time to time.

Architecture education has been long now filled with skillful students that are super capable of producing amazing work. However when it comes to the actual proposal and justification of their projects we all witness a philosophical funeral.

You all know what I’m talking about but do not really talk about it in your studio.

“I want to do something nice, something f*cking amazing, sooo amazing that my images will be like Oreos on a milkshake”

“I want my drawings to be cool and have something (?) to do with new school / high tech, BUT in the same time inject a bit the character of traditional know how….you know so that peepol in London will think I’m good.”


all your drawings will be done with the latest softwares and this “atmosphere for the drawing to convey” will be equal to a “Make your photos look VINTAGE” app.


* *


One of the best excuses to pursue such a project with clear consciousness is the BUTCHER & MEAT concept (hahah i just said concept ! )

take a look at this render…If you still dont know what is going on..I will reveal the secret :

“Today, the British public are losing touch with traditional craft methods, consuming products without realising the processes involved. These once handed down processes are becoming lost as our nation becomes more globalized.”

“The Institute of Meat aims to reintroduce these understated crafts and skills into the city centre by placing them within the retail high street…”

PROBLEM SOLVED : we take this symbolic (but still functional!) cow facade style building, place it next to M & S, Vodafone or GAP and BOOM!

anyway..lets continue


Next project: celebrating the ambiguous architectural role of Meat production process (hahah) is coming again from our beloved Presidents Medals.

Note 1 : the skills of these students are f*cking TOP! not like the previous Pokemon


“The trajectories of gunfire will be replaced with slow moving tomatoes, courgettes and sumptuous olives.”

hah come on. The guy has the skills to make such a drawing and invests all his energy in “slow moving tomatoes”.. Just so he can do a project like that! The power of the autistic narrative my friends.

Note 2 : before you start trolling about how little we respect the PM and bla bla bla.. when I first saw this project I was 90 % it will scoop the Medal. I even placed a small bet with my tutor (2 cookies).. so shhhh



welcome back my beloved suckerpunch (!) friends..

Ok, what is going on here

“Primal Parts focused on exploring the possible affects and spatial conditions in architecture by analyzing the heterogeneous composition of biological parts. A set of biological parts were configured then dismembered through the use of butchering techniques.”

Translation :

we wanted to check our 3D skills and ended up producing forms that looked like…mmm…whatever you see above.

Then we thought that we might get away by saying our project investigates biological parts ( yes thats the point we laugh..hahah).

Finally we decided to “brain-f*uck” our readers by saying that somehow BUTHCHERING techniques are involved in this diarrhea

Links to the above projects

1) Link

2) Link

3) Link

Ciao for now

Keep ur head up for the Giraffe

LOL // Hamsters FTW

Decided to avoid posting something already in the Queue to be published


thats the game we play 2nt

See you 2mo