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70+ years, 9 photos, 1 angle of view

located at the Art House Tacheles main staircase , with a random sequence of time by different photographers\ visitors \ artists.




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Antiseptic Industrial Zones \\ Andreas Gursky

zup ..  excelling at capturing large crowds as well as representing urban landscapes, the dazzling effect that this photographer/artist addresses is further than that of digital manipulation ..

 Nha Trang Vietnam '04

Nha Trang Vietnam ’04

In the early 80’s Andreas Gursky(+) was a student of iconic photographers Bernd and Hilla Becher. By 2008, he held the world’s record for most expensive photograph sold at auction for just 2.7 million pounds –> link

Brazil Station '05

Brazil Station ’05

A.G – analogies 

I compare my work to that of a writer. He writes from what he remembers and his different impressions..

Bergwerk Ost '08

Bergwerk Ost ’08

 ..in a way, a writer has the freedom to connect different thoughts, and this is the way I work with photography..

Kuwait Stock Exchange '00

Kuwait Stock Exchange ’00

.. it is not a straight documentary but the details that are going together, they come from the real world and they exist.”

Shanghai '00

Shanghai ’00

A.G – tendencies 

In former times, I had a long distance from what I was photographing and it didn’t matter if I was personally involved. But I think in the last years I have had a very strong relationship [with my subjects.] ..

Pyongyang '07

Pyongyang ’07

..for example, with Formula 1, it took me four of five years to finish all the pictures, so I was really involved in the world.”

Bahrain '06

Bahrain ’06

also worth mentioning , most of his photographs are large-scaled  and seek patterns in real environments through perfection of the color contrast and the geometric lines  /



Undercover Ctscape – map ideas

 for all you exceling your chasing undercover methods –  Tim Skylarov introduces u to a former, USSR spectrum – map idea ..

Not far from the port of Tallinn, Estonia there is an old flour warehouse that was abandoned for decades until recent years – now it’s a museum of old and eclectic cars, bikes, military vehicles and some other stuff from the Soviet era. 

Gallery az usual


-Undercover Ctscape –

Library Interiors — Candida Höfer

letting interior be the subject – Candida Höfer’s book Libraries gives us her perspective on contemporary photography

[scroll down xp needed]

take a look☟

Wiblingen Abbey, Germany

Trinity College, Dublin

Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam

public part British Library, London

Nationnale Library of Austria, Vienna

Metten Abbey, Germany


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7 things to love // Canon 7D

Back 2 back with “7 things to hate about canon 7D”   <3

1. Speed

The Canon 7D can capture images at up to 8 frames per second in machine gun mode, which puts it in the category with other pro-level sports cameras. It’s just a bit shy of Canon’s flagship sports shooter, the Canon 1D Mark III, which captures 10 frames per second.

2. New Autofocus System

The 7D’s new AF system may make it more attractive than the 1D Mark III, which has been plagued with autofocus issues nearly since the camera was released. Canon has obviously invested some serious R&D time on the Canon 7D’s new 19-point, all cross-type AF system. The system also includes dual diagonal cross-type sensors in the center at f/2.8 and f/5.6. Additionally, the 7D offers a number of different ways you can select and make use of these 19 AF points: Single AF point, Spot AF, Area AF, Zone AF, and Auto.

3. Super Sensitive for Low Light

The Canon 7D offers a sensitivity range of ISO 100-12800. Initial reports suggest that the Canon 7D is a stellar performer at higher ISOs; however, I believe most/all of these are based on a pre-production model evaluation.  We can’t wait to see what a production model does. Sports and wedding shooters have to love this ability to shoot available light at higher shutter speeds.

4. 18 Whopping Megapixels

You generally get a lot of groans when a camera company packs so many pixels on a sensor. This hasn’t been as prevalent in the first impressions of the Canon 7D – perhaps due to its promising low light, high ISO performance. It seems Canon may have found a nice balance between image resolution and acceptable noise levels with the 7D.

5. 1.6x Crop = Longer Zooms

Another big bonus for sports and bird shooters is the use of the APS-C format sensor. The result of a 1.6x crop gives shooters that need longer focal lengths a bit of an in-camera stretch to their lenses. While there are those who say they would rather crop from a full frame image, plenty of photographers will like that their 300mm lenses feel like 480mm lenses on the Canon 7D.

6. Tons of Video Options

Canon really stepped up the game with the video capabilities of the 7D.  It shoots in a variety of frame rates: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD): 30p (29.97) / 24p (23.976) / 25p, 1280 x 720 (HD): 60p (59.94) / 50p, 640 x 480 (SD): 60p (59.94) / 50p.  Budding videographers also get solid manual controls for exposure. It’s basically everything we wanted the 5D Mark II to be.

7. Bang for Your Buck

At $1699, the Canon 7D bests the Nikon D300s by $100 while appearing to best it in many other respects as well.  Aside from the smaller sensor, the 7D bests or comes close to the 5D Mark II in many of its marquee features – at a price that is $1000 less.  For those who don’t need the full frame sensor format, the 7D becomes an obvious choice in terms of its price and features.

yo photography.bay (+)


7 Things to Hate about your new Canon 7D

straight from “photography bay” (+)

We know how much you all into photography and film.making. As a result we will try to help you spend better your xmas money (whatever is left anyway)

1. 18 Megapixels is Too Much

Canon has been steadily increasing the megapixel count of its DSLR models year after year.  Many balked at the jump from 10MP in the 40D to 15MP in the 50D.  While the noise control in the 50D was impressive, it left many wondering whether it could have been that much better if Canon had just left it at 10MP or maybe a jump to 12MP instead.  Now, the 7D comes along with 18MP and the same gripes are cropping up.

2. 1.6x Crop = Smaller Pixels and

Speaking of crop, those 18 megapixels are packed into an APS-C sized sensor. Smaller sensor, smaller pixels, more noise – right? Not sure; however, that hasn’t stopped some groaning about upping the ante after the 50D with even more pixels.  These naysayers would be much happier if those 18MP were packed into a full frame sensor on the 7D.

3. 1.6x Crop = Lenses That Aren’t So Wide

In addition to the pixel size and noise complaint, a 17mm lens on the 7D will look a lot different than it would have with a full frame sensor in there.  The sports and wildlife guys and gals get the goods, but the landscape guys are left in the cold and have to spend $1000 more to get their kicks with the 5D Mark II.

4. What’s Up With the 28-135mm Kit Lens?

Didn’t Canon just release a new EF-S 15-85mm IS USM lens?  Wouldn’t that be a better focal range to pack in a kit than the 28-135mm lens on a crop-sensor body?  The 15-85mm range is equivalent to a 24-136mm angle of view in a 35mm or full frame camera and is a natural substitute for the Canon EF 28-135mm IS lens on crop-sensor cameras like the Canon 7D.  Instead, Canon continues to stick in the 28-135mm lens, which has a 45-216mm equivalent angle of view.  That sure does miss out on a lot of coverage on the wide end.  This odd packaging may just affect US customers as I have seen other kit combos, including the EF-S 15-85mm lens, packaged with the 7D overseas.

5. Video? We Don’t Need Your Stinking Video!

Who needs video in a DSLR? Well, truth is some love it; however, others hate it.  In fact, some photographers consider such a feature to be nearing heresy.  A still camera that captures movies?  Isn’t that a little silly?  If you’re in this crowd, I would suggest that you consider the work of Vincent Laforet, among many others, who have done some incredible things with the large DSLR sensor (be it full frame or APS-C).  This message doesn’t resonate with everyone thought, and for that reason it’s on the “hate it” list.

6. You Live Outside the US and Are Being Hosed on the Price

I’m not sure about the worldwide pricing variances; however, I have seen many comments from the photographers in the UK and elsewhere in Europe who are very displeased with the pricing.  With a US retail price of $1699, a UK price of £1699 and a European market price of €1699 is hardly fair.

7. Canon 5D Mark II Users Feel a Little Cheated

Not all; however, some 5D Mark II owners feel like they really got the raw end of the deal since the 7D outshines the 5D Mark II in several categories (see 7 Things to Love…).  I can somewhat understand this frustration, particularly for those who purchased the 5D Mark II with video capture as a key concern.  And, I don’t even need to mention the gross disparity in AF features.  If the AF on the Canon 7D is as fancy as it looks and works the way it is supposed to, Canon’s going the have a lot of 5D Mark II users scratching their heads as to why the 5D Mark II has such a dated AF system in it.