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Much in Little \\ Niemeyer Mural at São Paolo

kobra mural niemeyer 9

Brazilian mural artist Eduardo Kobra and his assistants paint the side of a 56-meter high building for about 17 floors ~ 190 feet , portraying Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer who passed away last December at the age of 104.

.located along Paulista avenue in Sao Paulo.


New Year wha??// Art NO?

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS are so boringly boring…

+plus even Coffe with an arch had one posted the other day, so…..

instead we will be sharing some artworks from our private collection here at the FG(..bitch). let it flow..

-a 1000+1 Fashionistas painted blue and thrown into the sea, by Anonymous-

oil on canvas, 85″x37″

-Chinese interns in the dark, by Jean Nouvel-

pure darkness, 85″x37″

-Abstract composition, by Danny “Angles” Libeskind-

acrylic on canvas, 85″x37″

-the “Do I look like i have a plan?”, by The BIG-

vectors, 540×267 pixels

-Minimalistic Maffia Vacuum, by SANAA

—-, 85″x37″

steppin` it up for the ’12