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Enst Mayr on questioning ‘eternal truths’


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ernstmayr“The study of the basic philosophies or ideologies of scientists is very difficult because they are rarely articulated. They largely consist of silent assumptions that are taken so completely for granted that they are never mentioned …..[ But] anyone who attempts to question these ‘eternal truths’ encounters formidable resistance.”
– Ernst Mayr

One of the 20th century’s leading evolutionary biologists, taxonomists, tropical explorers, ornithologists and historians of science.

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The Believing Neuron pt. 9/17 | Straightforward Vulgarity

Julien Douveir Landscape

(affording assistance to the ambitious)

the praise of gratifying curiosity

” We need not to discount the dangerous impressions that are made on the female mind

and we have before observed, that improper topics can with our assistance be discussed, without raising a blush on the cheek of modesty.

 When the number and accuracy of our additions are compared with the price of the volume, we have no doubt that its editors will meet with the encouragement that is due to learning, modesty, and virtue.”

Vulgar Tone expressed in the early 1800’s

“What Really Happened in Hyde Park?” aka “Babylon”, a short story by rootsnwingz


short story by rootsnwingz

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Note by the author:  “This short story was originally written in the Spring of 2012 as part of an assignment for a  ‘Poetics of Murder’ university class.  Many thanks to my professor and classmates as well as all my favourite crime authors, particularly Edgar Allan Poe and Agatha Christie, for their inspiration.  All rights belong to rootsnwingz.”

Mr. Colin Brown was a retired detective who regarded himself as a true English gentleman. Therefore, as usual, on the morning of the 11th of November 1970, he got ready for his weekly appointment at the renowned “Bernard’s Gentlemen’s Barbershop” and walked out of his flat and into the gloomy London weather.

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News \ GIFs on Facebook

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Nontrivial \ Anatomy of a Bitcoin transaction

anatomy of a bitcoin transaction

High-Speed Gondolas Could Take New York’s Transportation To The Sky

This discussion starts as the East River Skyway wants to connect trendy neighborhoods to Manhattan by way of zero-emissions cable cars.

If you’ve ever spent half an hour judging the terroir of a stranger’s sweat stain on a commute between Brooklyn and Manhattan, you’re already familiar with the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s overcrowding problem. But what if you could skip the train entirely? A radical new proposal suggests that New Yorkers try a high-speed gondola over the East River instead.


As of summer 2013, Brooklyn’s population had surged 3.5% since 2010, and Williamsburg alone has absorbed 10,000 new residents over the last decade. That’s why Daniel Levy, president of local real estate website CityRealty, wants to build a cable car network called the East River Skyway. Plans for the Skyway, presented at this year’s Massey Knakal Real Estate Summit, would link trendy neighborhoods like Williamsburg and DUMBO to lower Manhattan. According to the Skyway’s designers, it would also cut down commute times by up to half an hour.


There’s evidence to suggest that cable cars can viably connect to the transit networks of majorly clogged cities. Take Rio de Janeiro, for example, which successfully installed gondolas to link its favelas to the city’s larger transportation network in 2011. Kirkland, a city just east of Seattle, as well as Georgetown, a neighborhood in Washington, D.C., are also considering gondolas for commuters. Steven Dale, a cable-project expert and one of the advisors on the Skyway project, has proposed a New York City version in the past, suggesting that it would be as feasible and resilient as the city’s Roosevelt Island Tram.

UPDATE Dan Levy says the project is still very much in its conceptual phase. The East River Skyway has contracted Steven Dale’s Toronto-based Creative Urban Projects (CUP) gondola consultancy, though Levy’s still looking for feedback from legislators and New Yorkers. The gondola network‘s initial calculations, however, make an appealing pitch: Four minutes in travel time between Brooklyn and lower Manhattan, flat.

Other cities considering gondola-based transport have noted the cost of a big, new project as a potential issue. Still, Levy points out that gondolas would be much cheaper than a new subway line or tunnel. “I think there’s lots of opportunities to do a public private partnership structure,” Levy adds. “You look at Citi Bike, and that’s entirely financed from private sources. I think that model could apply here as well.”

Maybe Levy shouldn’t be taking too many cues from Citi Bike, which is weathering a funding crisis of its own. That said, other cities do appear to be learning from Citi Bike’s mistakes, in addition to prioritizing non-car transportation as a public good.

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How to follow the eruptions of volcanoes in Iceland and Papua New Guinea


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Two minutes past midnight this morning, after weeks of rattling Iceland with hundreds of earthquakes, the volcano Bárðarbunga finally erupted. Magma breached the surface in a lava field in Holuhraun, the Icelandic Meteorological Office reported, in what’s called a “fissure eruption,” seeping through a roughly one-kilometer crack that had formed days before.

Aerial view of Bárðarbunga's fissure. Aerial view of Bárðarbunga’s fissure.

While the media’s eyes were glued to Iceland’s skyline, far to the east another volcano erupted. The volcano—Papua New Guinea’s Mount Tavurvur—has a reputation for being one of the region’s most active. It certainly looks that way:

Here’s how to keep tabs on both Bárðarbunga and Mount Tavurvur as the lava flows:


The last time a big Icelandic volcano blew…

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