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True Architecture #4 // Hamster season

we were really happy this afternoon here at the FG

cos we finished a small project which had been going on…

our two pet hamster have a new pimped out, home made, 0 cost, headquarters….

we then searched on the net for some other cool home made cages and guess what..??

we are presenting

True Architecture No4 // Hamster Season



thats alll for this true architect..or maybe not…….?

hamsters, chicks and hustlaz…

True Architecture//Special Underwater issue

now we know how many of you just go “when i was small i allways dreamt of stuff, and when i woke up i just drew my dreams” to sell your super elaborated and highly ruderal architectural concepts.

Well here is a concept which needs no further introduction


Uber-cool floating(maybe not for long) architecture

1 image is as 1000 words….

p.s. along with reservations for these super prestigeous resorts, be sure to a) get at least 50g’s of coke, b)hire approximately 2.3 travel girls per visitor, c) renzo’s hot interns should do the job…



gallery ahead…click to enlarge bots…



untill the next….FG4Life*

Busan Opera House Competition//Monsta-wha??

BAck to back with a 4xblodbath session…The FG fished out a little nonedited monster-aki scamming its way to the final 10 entries…under a rock.

—hit refresh-+–

Small autistic details:

An amazing very site specific project ,super skin, third value of the structural beams, frozen columns dancing in the field, sound scape monsters everywhere, plot density ^^93.2% (according to brief), extra pedestrian food supplies straight to you, someone is giving pain here, no joke, diagrams are kiling it, interiorizing the bottom part of the upper cascades, + zaha in the house

Its all about form finding with suffiecient ubiquitous experiments as Tsakas mentioned in the jury

yo yo yo  suckerpunch (+)


TRUE Architecture// No.2

It is nice to have a laugh or two, but every now and then we must take a pause, recognize and praise a masterpiece such as the one following.   links to AWESOMNESS => (+)    (+)

The Los Angeles Design Group, reveiled their elaborated-allthough a bit over-worked to my taste-concept for some random fashion space after the completion of the competition, and if i might say….


“Pigs in a box” represents a  super radical scheme reconceptualised through a simple and fresh idea; using balloon animals and randomly fuck up the space.

Truly inspiring!!

i believe that even The BIG would be envious of such skills.!!

When looking at the plan i clearly can see the intention of the firm to cultivate plug-and-play thresholds, embodied into the almost schizophrenic anatomy of the parametrical apparatus inserted into a random box. Simply stunning!

*Even the renderings seem to enhance their concept of stratifying ruderal ecosystems through a deterritorialization of indexical grids

Just to see how a real bunch of geniuses sets up their office..maybe one day you can aspire the same levels of greatness…Yes, designers do it better, but you architecture bitchez can do it too…

Ben’s desk__Excruciating

Andrew’s desk__Gross

Noah’s desk__Eye-rollingly predictable

Untill our next post….

keep suckin ballz

NOTE1 This post is super serious!

NOTE2 This post is super awesome!!

NOTE3 DO not even think about start trolling about how pic#1 looks like a huge vagina….you just being ignorant!

TRUE Architecture // No.1

for free,


architectural tutorials (advanced users only)

Im bored with all you conceptual whatevers. Pay your respects to the true dogs of contruction and REAL LIFE ARCHITECTURE…UP UP!!

From Paris to Japan and everywhere in between


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