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Typology lessonz ● Airport Control Towers

A small collection of probably the most vital & underestimated part of any airport around the globe.

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Akos Major II – Conversions

This is the 2nd post today about the work of Akos Major. I find his shots extremely interesting since he manages to combine very complex targets in clear (almost minimal) results

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ciao for now

Le F.G

Akos Major Photography

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When Høltermand takes a walk to the quarry // Photography

Insane natural and mechanical landscape captured by Kim Høltermand

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Short Bio:
“B. 1977 Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural- and landscape photographer from Denmark. Kim was born into a creative family with both his father and grandfather being artists; his grandfather once worked as an architect. In addition to his burgoing career in photography which only began a few years ago, Kim Høltermand’s day job has him working as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police.”

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Stadt der Zukunft – photography

source: Bürgerverein Hansaviertel Berlin (+)

Ruffin’ n Puffin’ — Paul Octavius




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David Stephenson // Capturing the “vault”

I have to admit it, this post should be liked by every little FG minion follower.

If you are :

-Architect: ok no questionz asked
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Anyway, back to the post now, photographer David Stephenson has probably one of the best “eyez” out there capturing the architectural element of the vault with great success.

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“Favela”, Fernando Alan

quick crazy photo of la favela

up up 

Hippie Boats FTW


dedicating the next one to my man randomness.stacking up, through hippie lenses, phat lifestylez in a world of no limits. fragile but wonderful, alternative as always-

-hippies entering Venice-

-psychedelic acid trip-


TRUE project // apartments turned into pinhole cameras

yo yo, we present you a super.crazy project via prote[dot]in

An experimental photography project in Paris and Pushkar, India has transformed an apartment in each city into a giant pinhole cameras. The project, devised by French photographers Romain Alary and Antoine Levy, used the interior of the two apartments to function as a canvas for a projection of the cityscape outside.

To get it to work, the photographers firstly has to darken a room in each apartment and cover it with foil. They then made a small pinhole in the wall that let a beam of light from outside into the space. This was then magnified and turned into an internal projection, which was beamed on to the objects and surfaces inside the room. The images that resulted – which included buildings, traffic and passersby – were all captured by a video camera, and added to a sound recording from the street outside.

The Pinhole Movie Project is an ode to city life and watching the array of images is a beautiful, visual experience. To see the videos and find out more about the project, just visit the website.

I know the images above seem already inspiring but to get a better understanding of the project you should take a look at the video bellow