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Keepin’ it real*


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Dezeen // This is getting F*CKING Annoying ! !

Once a world reputated architecture guru had told us: “Guys, do you know Dezeen?(.)You should set it as your home page.!

THIS IS GETTING FUCKIN ANNOYING! Dezeen and architecture have nothing to do one with the other!..unless the latter is celebrating an ultra-mince dimension. Haha…i forgot..too complicated for you stoopid weaklings.! So, if its bigger than my niece’s barbie doll house, or Rem’s (my pet hamster) cage, it will never hit Dezeen Home page.(+)<=== This small cross represents a direct gateway to Dezeens cyborgian portal*

THIS IS GETTING FUCKIN ANNOYING! We found the courage to scroll through 6 whole pages of Dezeen’s minimalistic mafia crap, and 92% of the so-called architecture posts could not even accommodate little Rem’s wheel. I’ve never seen so many “small” projects in one site.! The rest 8% include OMA’s, Zaha’s, BIG’s projects, who are propably sponsoring the they get more square meters published.!

THIS IS GETTING FUCKIN ANNOYING! It’s not that we have a problem with you, but when architecture students get into your site to find stimulation, i get fucking sad…

Extract from this project’s description: “Concept: In a highly built-up area, closed in on all sides, this house offers both privacy and light.”


WoW…Such an inspiring and edgy journalism work you are doing guys.!

Let’s check together the scales being handled by Dezeen.

But because you fell in our trap and can not realize the real scale surfing taking place!

Lets make things a bit more easy for you.

all of these humongous projects have all been published in the last ten days.

NOTE1 As FG we believe Dezeen should quit tagging its post under “architecture”

NOTE2 if you want to find some inspiring tags for your posts, dear dezeen staff, you are allowed to use some of our own custom made tags from the tag-cloud(“bitch please” and “threesome” seem to be quite the hit.!)

MONSTER*Kill // bullshitting other fellow bloggers


how are you my little cyborgian trolls.?
Making fun of other people & their ideas or work is still a cool activity. The whole thing gets to a new level when ur victims do not get your no-life hobby and try to encounter you in a normal discussion. Furthermore, level up^^ is gained only when the victim realizes you are sarcastic but still tries to encounter you in a normal discussion.

We have a very long library of “comment-reply” situations while just posting bullshit to other blogs. Its time we reveal a few examples.

———- o——

1.This little guy updated his blog with his new creation

Future-Giraffes:Well, I agree on the progress idea, but I think your drawing is also helping to reinvent underfund edges of mental/or real spaces. keep the radical work      (hahhahahahah)

Edward Bedinghaus:Thanks for the insight about the undefined edges between real and mental space. Im working on a design project and may have to give that concept more consideration

———- o——

2.This pokemon decided to post the photo of a super radical concept

Future-Giraffes:Im sorry to tell you but these two case studies do not struggle to find their place in the metropolis’ kingdom. They are amplifying probabilistic thresholds so they can survive/adapt in the so called metropolis (hahahahahha)

Giovanni Cervi:Maybe you are right. But i really think they represent our inner life and soul, not just structures (LOL!)

———- o——

3.This pokemon shared with us his recent masterpiece

Future-Giraffes: Great drawing! you have successfully implemented distributed methodologies with your technique. keep up the radical work!

Titirangi Storyteller: Gorgeous! (hahahha)

Cameravagrant: Very cool! Seems like you are multi-telented (WHAAAT?)

———- o——

4. OMG this troll is still sharing useless inventions like a female tie

Future-Giraffes: Wondering if THIS can help to reveal bleeding-edge mapping of the human body? (bitch pleaase)

Pedro Salma: yeahh, that’s right!! (Thats what im talking about hahaha)

** + a few bonus pics **


(our tag system seems to be working)


(neri THE LESBIAN oxman)

Snorkeling session//Coffee with an architect

Waaad up guys! A day without a post and we are back! Well, lets get something clear:

The fact that we are able to kill sharks does not mean that we don’t go snorkeling from time to time.! And this post is exactly that; a snorkeling session where we found a small innocent fish to tease and laugh with.
The fishy is known as “Coffee with an Architect” (click here +)

Apparently the site is so funny/sad by itself that we don’t need to edit or point out a lot of things. Just pay a visit and laugh or feel ashamed that future architecture students may read it at some point. It is by far one of the least stimulating websites having a parasitic relationship to architecture. A stupid celebration of copy paste texts and lists that for some reason should be worth-reading.

The autor in his free time likes to stand in front of ideologies and design masterpieces. He told me so, in an exclusive interview we had online!


“mr.guy standing in front of an ideology” last time i checked the bullshit generator was still ON so why put effort to share with us words like node, symmetry or form?

-its not funny
-no one talks like that!
-we know what “joist” means

how is your GRID now monsieur? why don’t you go work your way up to a T-Square  (hahha how funny am I) NOT!
In my book, thats a proper architects vocabulary! Watch and learn fishy

orchestrate steady-state laminar flows = bullshit
harness ruderal palimpsests = bullshit
synergize regional experiences = bullshit
mesh interstitial programs = bullshit
enable successional recipes = bullshit
urbanize vertical drosscapes = bullshit
biodiversify magnetic scenarios = bullshit
engineer suburban pluralities = bullshit
ducks cry only once = bullshit
extend adaptive urbanisms=bullshit

One more tiny attempt to climb up the ladder and get closer to the KING OF BULLSHIT a.k.a AYYYYAla you will go down in miliseconds

TRUST ME guys, i was about to finish it here BUT I could not resist. I saw”mr.guy standing in front of an ideology” work and projects!!!!! Its always tempting to see how great theoreticians put in action their thoughts! (LOL)

where the f*ck to start and where the f*ck to finish?

A small poll to test your architecture knowledge. If you happen to be a follower of mr.guy standing in front of an ideology you will find the test super-easy!

have a nice friday.!