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Bad Taste ● Sneaker Tectonics

Hello my friend,

we back again with the famous by now “Bad Taste” section.

Sneaker Tectonics is not a bad project, simply because:

its not a project

nuff said

I mean it was probably a kewl task to test ur 3D modelling skills, texturing and press the little magic button “render”. Other than that you cannot possibly treat this as a realistic proposal. hahah image you wake up every morning and have this view from your window.

HOWEVER, if you have a secret plan building this in a place with LasVegas aesthetics and a lot oil money maybe it will be a goer.

this guyz can be potential clients

They would love a new mall in their city looking like this

Tip : try to “fillet” the edges of the shoes. they might look more sexy

ciao for nowz

Homemade Fashion // Producing Culture [again]

In a struggle to redefine algorithmic drosscapes we got inspired by the world famous Producers of Culture a.k.a Le Ayala[ ], Boffo, something, something, something.

As clearly illustrated bellow i got a nail passed through my jumper so i can visualise and orchestrate interconnected nodes.

Big up to me for testing architectural language in 1:1 scale prototypes

F.G all ze Way

Floating homes // bad.taste.Lolz

hahahha look at this !

We are not talking about a waste of materials if it ever gets build. We are talking about waste of RAM for this rendering to be done

pure FAIL

“This over-the-top tropical floating island is a fantasy dreamed up by Yacht Island Design, which planned it as a private luxury yacht to accommodate 10 guests with about 57,000 square feet of usable space. Director Rob McPherson estimates it would cost “several hundreds of million euros to build.”

The company also provides sketches and renderings for several other fanciful floating creations, such as one called The Streets of Monaco and a futuristic sea-pod called Project Utopia. In the works are aquatic projects titled Oriental Chuan and Eastern Promise.”

via (+)

Fashion // sharing the luv ● Quiz ?

Big up to all mi fashionistaz out there!

Share your luv with the F.G

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NEWS // Fake Rhino attempts to escape ! LOL

hahaha i just love peepol from China/Japan…random post to the bone !

According to BBC :

“A zoo in Tokyo has been simulating a rhino escape to prepare staff for a possible emergency.

Two employees wore a life-size rhino costume and tried to escape the compound before being hit with fake tranquilisers and trapped in nets.”

Mark Percy reports.




Nina Levett // high heels, tits & art

yo my extremely intelligent readers,

Im sure by now you all have the same question :

“What the f*ck is our friend Rem doing under this hot chick in dezeen ?”

Tip : the blonde chick is not an Ad !

Shes an artist u stoopid bots! cant believe what you’ve been thinking!

I proudly introduce you to the magnificent work of Nina

(all her videos are free to watch. no subscription required..yeah!)

☞ Link to her videos : (1) (2) (3)

Thank you dezeen you made our day..once again!


some equally artistic gifs you found in tumblr just for you

☞ hahaha we almost forgot to give you the “description” of her work..

(but honestly WHO CARES? !)

If you found this post offensive you know what to do little hipsters no ?