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Black Sunday// The B.I.G

*note : this post will be quick and rich in content cos there is a champagne party going on at the moment in our New York Office^^

The B.I.G is the probably the guy who read “101 things i learned in architecture school” and got bored. He waited a few years and as a licensed architect now he introduced a new version named:

“3 things i learned in architecture  school”





^^small preview of his new website he kindly asked the FutureGiraffes team to design

+ He is the only avant-garde god who keeps rejecting new technologies and softwares. ONLY ILLUSTRATOR BITCH! Vectors ruleee!

News in: a team member just found out B.I.G.’s secret formula for his super awesome haircut….

+ and a special something for you, our beloved readers…

simply connect the dots…


sorry we forgot about that!!

Black Sunday//Where is my INVERTED CONE bitch?

One of the “one and onlys” WOLF THE PRIX has the honor to be featured in our black sunday special!
His architectural style is widely recognized. Every time I see one of his masterpieces I think of ice cream. Numerous stories exist about Wolf running around in his office shouting:

(refering to his inverted cone)

THE TOM (a.k.a West Side DON) was one of the few to renounce the utility of the inverted cone. Eventually, he got sacked!

Apparently not all architects agree with WOLF THE PRIX on his methods and approach. Pete the EIS was brave enough to stand up against the wolf!

The royal battle was recorded during the crit of a student in Wolf’s unit! The EIS was invited but ended up KICKING THE HELL out of the Wolf. —>


Peter.the hustler.Cook once again washed us with his light of experience.
It is clear by now that THE EIS and THE WOLF had brought knives into a gunfight.

“The pre-packaged frozen lunch is more important than Palladio”

Sir Peter Cook

High Roller Paris PAWNER+chinese peepol

JN, was spotted few nights back at the ultimate hot spot of Paris @Arc Club.
STARchitects like him fear no goverment, laws or legislations.
Figuring among thousands of posters in teenagers rooms (specially in China) is by far one of our role model in the bis of architecture.

As he oftenly shouts when drunk
“Nouvel is my name, rolling is my game!”

(JN doing his thing @Arc backstage)

sneak peak: interview action


In the case of JN, behind this great designer lies a whole army of Chinese slaves a.k.a CAD/3D monkeys.
We  recently got informed that there will be a sort of REVOLUTION-RESISTANCE taking place in his Paris Headquarters since chinese employees have not been fed nor seen the sun for the last couple of months! Post will come later regarding this issue.

Numerous and difficult “tasks” have to be succesfully fullfilled if you are CHINESE and want to work for JN!

BONUS back2back

Contemporary Greek philosopher based in NewYork  elaborates on the recent trend of starchitects having chinese guys as slaves in their offices!

West side Don Wiscombe


Finding photos of tom on the net is almost impossible. However we found some super classified material from a jury where the high-roller God from west side was giving his wisdom for free! yes for free; in the name of education etc.

as you can see even Eric Owen Fucking Moss came along to roll with Tom!

Hernan the minimalist is getting angry^^

*There is also a 1hour lecture by THE TOM but i dont think anyone will bother watching it. Is about how he left the small town of Vienna where he was actually designing stuff to join the sci-arc crew, turn into a Level85-Bullshitter and get numerous awards in the way.

One of Tom’s billion groupies