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Digging the crates*Spiderman Sketchbook

I could go on and on about introducing this dope sketchbook that fell into our hands, but

Mies wouldn’t do that.

check it out rookies, for your pleasure only.

keeping it simple. for now…

Sunday dicking around

introducing some of the hottest women in the porn you will have the opportunity to admire the verbal skills and intellectual greatness of the beloved…..Aletta Ocean, Nicole Aniston, Tori Black, Jenna Haze and Alexis Texas, Enjoy

Fresh like Shit


give pain

Olympic Giraffe Spotlight

Now normally we all know there is no reason for the Giraffe to be even watching the Olympics Londoon 2012, but some things must be said. And hell yes we are full on Croatians this summer… The reason…?

The Giraffe proudly presents ms Antonija Misura from the croatian basketball selection….Njoy.

antonija in action!!

and a highlight of best pics…in HD biatch

cya soon

ps how much?

MJ is the Best

after years out in the business we have all here seen our amount of

site plans/v-f-a(view from above noob!) but i believe that today we have a clear winner.. 

Drawing inspirations from the works of P.Coelholol– and “Where is Wallly?” this masterpiece seems to be following the so 90’s dogma of let it be and they will find it…HAHAHAH… Go on and use adjustment layers and instagram filters for your site plans trying to make them look are free to do so…BUT these lads are clearly embracing the “Matt Damon wouldnt use plug-ins” philosophy, propably staying old school to the bone and doing this awesome drawing in MS Paint. Respec’z!!

Sooo..Where is Wally biatch???

Get inspired scrubs!!


ps. project by super funny freaks freearchitects

many surprises await you in their site+a livestream of them in the office playing ping-pong(??)…no seriously

Insane Breaking News

A first time for the Giraffe…A re-post from ArchDaily!!!! yes that is the insane breaking news….

A Zaha building on fire inevitably is something we have long expected, if we are to consider the design tactics/methods in their office…-long pause 2 think-

Zaha Hadid’s recently-opened Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku caught fire today. Flames started in the ceiling and, according to the Emergency Situations Ministry and Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office, were successfully prevented from spreading throughout the inner parts of the museum. Thankfully, no one has been hurt.

It hasn’t been long since the architecture world was sadden by a fire that caused extensive damage to Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseilles.”

live coverage>>>


-wouldnt wanna be ya-