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Out of Season / Out of sense [Pt.3 Discovery Learning]

(IGERT) program (IGERT) program [2] (IGERT) program [4] (IGERT) program [3]

Frost Flowers – Arctic Ocean


the project in short(+)

This activity is all about new discoveries in the natural environment as we further our goals of understanding the extreme forms of microbial life in the Arctic, and how this may be applied to the origin of life here on Earth, as well as looking for life on other moons and planets.


Foster research that will advance the frontiers of knowledge, emphasizing areas of greatest opportunity and potential benefit and establishing the Nation as a global leader in fundamental transformational science and engineering.


This activity is being conducted by one of our IGERT Trainees and will be the main part of his PhD thesis, and thus it contributes to the nation’s science workforce.


Build the Nation’s research capability through critical investments in advanced instrumentation, facilities, cyber infrastructure, and experimental tools.


Juhyou Trees

Juhyou MonstersJuhyou Monsters [1]

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Matthias Secret Places

All those Cages

All those Cages

some wise thoughts by the artist on his influences / inspiration

”I know that a lot of you are curious to get more information about the abandoned places in my photos and I receive a lot of questions about them.
There is a reason that I don’t give any though. I do love abandoned buildings, I see so much beauty in those places. Unfortunately, many people don’t.
I do act very respectful inside those places, but there are too many idiots out there that don’t behave like me.
I’ve seen so much vandalism, theft and other bad things happening to those buildings after they have become popular, that I will do all I can to protect those beauties.
Therefore, I don’t give any infos about the location (not even the country) or history about them since every little piece of info makes it easier for people to find it.
I’ll gladly help you with any info about all non-decay related shots, but there is no chance I tell anything about the decaying beauties. No exceptions.
Please respect that and don’t post any info in the comments, they will be deleted without warning.”

Matthias Secret places


Feathery Det \\ Michael Chase

floating during the previous hours/ days, excelling at detailing .. here is..why not .. an opportunity for you minionz to train your spot observing skills ;)

after having a first look, find the corners to the circles to help your view of each artwork EXPAND so that you have a better second and thirdview , SO A MORE EFFICIENT UNDERSTANDING of each detailed artwork

here yOu go


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Representing Motion \\ Allesio Bavari


-The hauntingly poetic images created by Italian artist Alessandro Bavari are the fruits of a long journey of exploration to discover a personal artistic language that can transcend the limits of established media through what he describes as –

“a kind of contamination amongst the arts dissolving the boundaries which distinguish them.”


+short bio:  Bavari began making photomontages at the age of fifteen. He subsequently studied scene-painting and history of art at the Academy of Fine Art in Rome. He started working in a variety of traditional media, from oil painting to copper plate engraving, whilst maintaining a strong interest in photography. His working methods became increasingly experimental, mixing tar, glue and industrial paints and exploring the possibilities of photographic printing techniques. He then added imprints creating a vocabulary from found natural objects, such as bones and fossils and creatures washed up on the shores near his home. In 1993 he bought his first Macintosh. Working exclusively in Photoshop to create his highly personal imagery, he found he was able to arrive more easily at the fusion of painting and photography that he had been working towards. Bavari regards the computer as being like-


“ any other working instrument, like a brush or palette or darkroom”

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Tolstoy QuoteLe FG.

Architecture News \\ Wait for the underdog

\\ Haus Zirl, Zirl

House Zirl (model 1997)

[Collection of Art and Architecture]

For the Viennese firm the next Enterprise (TNE), most of the architectural process is not about what is, but what is accidental. What matters is not what things are, but they can be or do – they can consider. When attached to a project, TNE is just the difference between the carrying positioned in space and time, and one level located beyond the realization in the world of ideas and concepts . Its architecture is less to meet forms, functions or ideas that a particular form of practice. It is random and unpredictable effect for the next Enterprise, become a strategy to address the spatial and programmatic aspects of the architecture.

House Zirl (model 1997) II



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Toss & Turn \\ Fahad0850

zup/? long time no see but we are in your fantasy ~~

FG rims

FG rims

the ”Antagonist” Fahad0850, an inspired digital artist, presents his work all along the canvases using black schemes of his thoughts to apply it to some actual done work

— TRY to notice the passionate way of signature on each piece of his





Paint Pour by Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk obsesses with symmetry and nourishing color played out in what might be views from the Hubble Telescope, airbrushed nail art, Ukrainian Easter eggs, chandeliers, mandalas, Rorschach tests and/or holograms.

a touch of one of her best Mural-Installations


Location : Monster Island Brooklyn  NY ’11

njoy ;)

Paint Pour NY

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