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Wisdom // This Time – Beaucoupzero

this time


” The study of the basic philosophies or ideologies of scientists is very difficult because they are rarely  articulated. They  largely consist  of  silent  assumptions  that are  taken  so completely for  granted that they are never  mentioned …..[ But]  anyone  who attempts  to question these  “eternal truths” encounters formidable resistance. “

– Ernst Mayr

Experimental Bubble box // Cultural Ratcheting

33 MacKenzie Street Residential Tower, Melbourne  Elenberg Frazer

[Experimental puzzle box]


1.Individuals in a large group who frequently rubbed shoulders with neighbors  had a better chance of learning a new innovation than those in small, isolated groups.

really important stuff. dnt miss a line


[what to keep from that: Mark Thomas – Demography]

Escape Step


Chewong People

”The punen rule requires the Chewong to avoid desires that cannot be fulfilled, since unfulfilled desires can lead to conflict”




a way of measuring nutrition density

 Optics //


.whether your apples and spinach are organic or not, nutrient levels can vary dramatically depend on – growing conditions, such as soil type and quality, temperature, and days of sun versus rain\


” NIR works on the principle that different molecules vibrate in slightly different ways. When infrared light if transmitted through or reflected from a given sample, certain wavelengths are absorbed more than others by the vibrating chemical bonds. By measuring the fraction of nearinfrared light absorbed at each wavelength, scientists can obtain a distinct fingerprint that is characteristic of the sample. The results are precise—and fast.”

concluding that

” A mobile scanner may tell shoppers which piece of fruit has the most vitamins ”

Scientists ..ha



Pwned News \\ Davidope + Eye, Robot

some last vicious dope  shots from Davidope. – according to his personal site so.

enjoy  ..



compilation of student work from Eye,Robot  at SCI-Arc Fall 2012.

“Eye, Robot” focuses on the intersection of computation, robotic fabrication, and cinematography. The course explores robotic motion control as a creative medium for designers, mainly through the use of the custom robotic animation software platform, designed specifically for the SCI-Arc Robot House. The platform has the unique ability for the designer not only to design motion, but also to program, simulate, and speculate all at the same time. This type of animation space suspends the distinction between simulation, speculation, and ‘the real’, making it very hard for one to determine which is which while questioning traditional notions of architectural representation.[click for gallery]

Course: Eye,Robot : Introduction to Robotics

Instructors: Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto

@ The Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc).