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A little too much \\ 1 day -sumolike


keeping random real with on and on observations that concluded to passionate role-models, –  judged from consistency and belief as well as high mind streaming continuation – ;)

Because of the environment of the sumo wrestler life, sumos have adapted a standard stimuli on their everyday life activities.

(FG secret–Sumo masterS on plan for 2034)

There is a reason why as a good sumo wrestler … because of the expertise and continuous replay on concentrating in one goal and lifestyle,  he has better chances to generate consistency, focus, as well as evolution on his field. If you were thinkin..

-oh! let’s become sumos!!-<- a little too much, ha,

Getting serious(?) the competition is very hard and it takes about 10-12 hours of training a day, and something like decades, never taking out luck, avoiding injuries etc. –

Have your chance on achieving excelence by feeling..


Maybe its better to try to gain xp by getting all your concentration on

 Zoom Live Sumo Matches


photos–Andri Pol

Picture of the Day ● Chris Cole

Kinetic Sculpture by Chris Cole

Surf Alert \\ Dopamine by Dustin Humphrey

Riding a Wave with the help of the expert Surf Photographer Dustin Humphrey

”Except from standing beside a burning motorcycle he’s dressed as a ‘50s greaser, he’s cheering on the destructive flames, and — strangest of all — he’s not taking photos. He’s not even thinking about taking photos.”

Full Interview –> HERE

Jared Mell – Tune In Drop Out

Jason Apparicio – The Jamaican Surf Team

Kai Otton – Bed Spins

Kai Otton – Uba Skuba Canoe

OH YEAHZ MORE MORE—> Continue reading

Spring in NY // Printemps by Fred Lebain

Le Gallery☟

French photographer’s – Fred Lebain – work features creative camouflage posters that blend into their surroundings. Here at the NY headquarters this reminds us alot of [–> FG link –>] Liu Bolin representations.

Cyaaz ;)

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yo. nice simple angled photos for now

geometry play on action

Photography by Romain Laurent

more at his personal website HERE