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Street Attack by Filthy Luker

Some easy chillin’ visualz from Filthy Luker(+), russian artist, attacking the streets.

from here to there and everywhere in between…

and la gallerie as usual

Seems like we got a lil p’oblem

hello brown, little cute midgets

by now y’all must be quite aware of our weak-spot here at the FG which is no other than interdisciplinary, cross-boundary practices, and especially the world of Fashion (wa??) which is overwhelmed by this sort of bright thinking(loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool)…

since organic inspirations are so 90‘s, and references going back to the Arts’ realm have become something more than just SS(super-seeded that is for those of you who have never stepped a toe inside a tru architecture bureau), now we are facing another lil p’oblem

Seems like the world of architecture is feeding these gay hipster fashionistas with another endless world of inspiration


anywayzz, the truth is that this set of shoes, so-called “inspired by architecture” have made our morning here in the L.A. headquarters..infinite LOLz down the way…

JORGEEEEE….come teach these lil’

b°tch°z how its done….

The Image of the Day

– Not a single F°ck was given that day –

Out of Season / Out of sense [Pt.2 Abandoned Theaters]

fuck it.. whats going on??!

GETAWAY through the FEEL sense


[size the view-

-location captions added]

More at –Marchand Meffre’s website

Pt1 –> HERE