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Picture of the Day ● Little City

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Pen Portrait Drawings on Vintage Envelopes by Mark Powell

Ok, not a lot to say here. Just glad I found this great young talented artist.

Enjoy his portraits.

Personally I will be on alert.mode for new additions to his page

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Urban Cityscapes Spray Painted on Cardboard Panels by EVOL

German street artist EVOL (previously) is currently showing a number of new pieces atJonathan LeVine gallery. The new works feature urban facades spray painted with the use of stencils on flat sheets of cardboard. Much like his outdoor graffiti, these stencils display an uncanny attention to detail, depicting light and shadow that transforms mundane surfaces of consumer packaging into fascinating, seemingly multi-dimensional pieces of art. 

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a few weeks ahead of our time

hahah remember this post where we outlined some of the “Ups” and “Downs” of the architecture world ?

(link) ☞ [SO] back // Ups & Downz

one of the UPS was our approval of:

hot chicks in Sci-Arc like ♥♥ MAKENZIE ♥♥

Apparently someone from Sci-Arc is an FGaddict and decided to spread the love

As a result Makenzie is now the Cover.Image of their Facebook Page !

oooh yeah !1

Dont tell me we didnt tell you !

< Ciao for now little parametric hipsterz

Guy Laramee // Book-worming

Yall know the obsession we have here at the FG with multidisciplinary dudes and art/architecture made of boks..Well time to acknowledge ze Masta in the field..Guy Laramee from la France killing it, hard to the bone..!


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Goldberg machines vol.#3 // Sending a postcard

HEYHEYHEY Studios //besides having an ubercool and fresh name// have managed to pull off a quite awesome little goldberg machine to use for sending postcards.. Really poetic, really fun and might i say quite cool the combo of two briefcases to make this happen…

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