Unpacking the FG library // SS zones

hello little troll wannabeeezz…

back to the SS-zone, but something tells me that igmnorance levels are reaching an extreme high, so i am quite sure that ur gonna ♥ this one. A.N. Furman from da UK(+) and his project the Church of Perpetual Experimentation.

Amaazing models, pushing speculative narrations and architectural experimentations into groundbreaking fields..blah blah blah.we are not gonna bother u with all the autistic info, just enjoy botzz


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3 responses to “Unpacking the FG library // SS zones

  1. omg somebody snuck into Tim Burton’s brain!

  2. Child please..Burton would be crying if he were to see this.. regards
    FG team

  3. yup.. as common as fortetsa ghetto-ing