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Homemade Fashion // Producing Culture [again]

In a struggle to redefine algorithmic drosscapes we got inspired by the world famous Producers of Culture a.k.a Le Ayala[ ], Boffo, something, something, something.

As clearly illustrated bellow i got a nail passed through my jumper so i can visualise and orchestrate interconnected nodes.

Big up to me for testing architectural language in 1:1 scale prototypes

F.G all ze Way

Joe Fenton ✣ hand drawing skillz

yo yo yo FG followerz…remember a while back when we posted the work of Juan Francisco CASAS (☞ Link) and everyone was like ” woooow!!”

Here is probably a similar situation talking about the work of:

● Joe Fenton ●

☞ link to joefentonart[dot]com

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Ctscape Illustrations \\ Josh Raymond

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Josh Raymond’s cityscape illustrations for now, specially for our readerz in Oceania -hophop-

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Akos Major II – Conversions

This is the 2nd post today about the work of Akos Major. I find his shots extremely interesting since he manages to combine very complex targets in clear (almost minimal) results

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ciao for now

Le F.G

Akos Major Photography

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Utopian Paintings by Philadelphia artist Jaime Treadwell

Jaime Treadwell is by far the favorite artist of the day here at the FG. His drawings although they seem happy and colorful they convey a great deal of spatial understanding and architectural representation

Philadelphia artist Jaime Treadwell depicts vividly patterned and brightly colored utopian environments in his paintings. These are gypsy-like party communities filled with dancing figures surrounded by unusual urban motifs bursting with geometrical confetti like forms. These figures appear to be disconnected from society and self sufficiently blissful in their detached nomadic habitats. Each piece is jam packed with symbolism from the religious blue statues and white swans to more common urban elements like beach balls. – Jane Kenoyer

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When Høltermand takes a walk to the quarry // Photography

Insane natural and mechanical landscape captured by Kim Høltermand

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Short Bio:
“B. 1977 Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural- and landscape photographer from Denmark. Kim was born into a creative family with both his father and grandfather being artists; his grandfather once worked as an architect. In addition to his burgoing career in photography which only began a few years ago, Kim Høltermand’s day job has him working as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of The Danish National Police.”

Link 2 Kim’s page