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Bad Taste // Men’s Fashion – WHAT THE F*CK ?

Hello little midgets, somewhere between reviewing applications for the new secretary position (after Litsa left the office we are on the hunt for a tall, big tits, blue eyes, blonde hair, brazilian ass replacement; think of it as a well educated pornstar), I saw THIS! ☞  Gowns for Guys // WHAAAT ? ? !


There was actually some description in the article struggling to justify this eye disturbing outcome but could not be bothered to read it. It looked a bit like this :

“Men’s fashion is having a moment—a feminine moment, that is. First it was the concept of mantyhose (pantyhose and tights for men that took a popular turn this spring) and now men’s fashion is taking yet another influence from the ladies — this time, in the form of dresses.

During Australian Fashion Week this past week, menswear designer Injuryattempted to branch out the world of male fashion by debuting several man dresses down the runaway …… BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA “

Who gives a F*CK ?

For the oldskool Future-Giraffes‘ followers:

” Where the f*ck to start and where the f*ck to end ? “

ciao pokemons

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