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Briefcase House (2010)

Briefcase House (2010)

Located inside a warehouse loft of 1400 sf with no partition, this project is a house within a house. The design engages two architectural issues: inside/outside and S/XL. It compacts the material possessions of the subject into one oversized briefcase – so large that the subject sleeps inside of it. The residual gap outside of the Briefcase House to the limits of the warehouse loft can be considered a super wall-cavity and rendered as blackened thick wall in an architectural plan. Converseley, when the subject occupies the wall-cavity for other activities, the house can be considered a solid obstruction. This project delineates the qualification of conceptual poche by the swerve of the figure and ground and the of blackening the thick-wall or the private volume.

The project pays homage to Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House and the paintings of Lucio Fontana and Robert Motherwell. The core of the Farnsworth House is key in producing the four architectural programs without erecting one single wall. Like the core of the Farnsworth House, the presence of the Briefcase House inside this warehouse carves out distinct dimensions for appropriate activities. Sitting on castors, the house can be rolled around to distort program proportions. The paintings of Fontana and Motherwell heighten the awareness of negative spaces. As an obstruction, the Briefcase House is a permanent cut on the canvas that gives birth to a new healthy body.

Design: Jimenez Lai

Construction Drawings: Brady Schneider, Cyrus Penarroyo

Construction Leaders: David Ruffing, Brady Schneider, Jimenez Lai

Photography: Jasper Reyes and Kamil Krol

Thank you to the assistance of Jonathan MacGillis, Lauren Turner, Jasper Reyes and Connie Lin

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Our new FG secretary @ the L.A office

Beautiful illustrations by Mcbess [Matthieu Bessudo]

Smoke Juggles

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Bad Taste – La Mr.Contactus from ArchiTeam

Halo Germany, Halo Europez

I woke up this fine friday morning, in the fine city of Boston and saw THIS!


Under which government and which circumstances the actions of THIS little, brown, gay friendly, fashionista bot are able to PROMOTE ARCHITECTURE!???

hahah. i kno i kno. architecture is getting mainstream and everyone with a pair of eyes can nowadays press “like” to any stoopid photo of a building.

Down here at the Giraffe we approve and promote le hardcore so mr.contactus is officially a member of our Blacklist.

[not sure if u remember #24 of that list is probably his mentor;
le Peter Marino hahah]

So, mr contactus just drop this girly naive performance style of yours, go home and try to draw ONE straight line.

Until then dont even think of the word architecture.
You are just making actual architects laugh and 16 year old hermaphrodites think they might belong to this field.

Ciao for now.
We are army

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Moss as medium for art // yeah

insightful utilisation of moss, showing the simplicity and complexityyes at the same time– of this wonderfull substance…





-FG the moss way-

till ze next one…