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FG Archive Play — Insane Giacomo Costa

from Toronto to London and all the way back — have a look, take a peak and take Giacomo as a fact



LE Gallery

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Marine Sextants // Some lost knowledge

“The sextant is a majestic work of technology elegantly combining no less than three genius inventions. It consists of a telescope (necessary inventions: glass grinding; optics), a mirror, and a frame. If you know how to use a sextant, you can use it to find the distance between any two points in the sky.”

we always love intricate mechanisms like these here at the FG, so here it is. Simple, no?

— rennaissance dudes playing with the first sextant —

as simple as that.


^ Because we can ^

Everywhere Chinese peepol ^^

“A total of 22 fake Apple stores have been uncovered in one Chinese city.

Authorities in Kunming began searching out the copycats after pictures of one convincing replica were circulated on the web.

An early search found five fake stores, two of which were shut down for trading without a licence.”

Chinese peepol trying to take over the world. Nelson Rockerfeller, George Bush, ze Germans in collaboration with the chinese peepol are trying to take over the world, by slowly taking over Apple, and control all computers through their secret microchips.

You see it?

And now we have chinese people above the ground pretending to have apple stores…you see it?

some other chinese rip-offs just to stick an eye out to every direction>>

where to start and where the f*ck to finish..???

>>iphone stoves

>> fake KFC’s

>>rip-off batteries

>>fake skateboards

>>fake “Titanics”


lets try and contain chinese peepol in Jean‘s cellar. You’re wellcome.

Spring Embrasures \\ Flower Flavors

White Mums

African Violets

Red Regina Mums

Pink Heather

Orange Begonias

White Tulips

Orange Tulips

Orange Tulips det.view