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Dan Hillier ● Feather and Claw

yo yo lets drop the beatz today with 2 ultra-detail drawings by dan.hillier

.1) woodman

.2) The Veil

mad skillz no ?

ciao for now

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Image of the Day ● John Frame at the Huntington Library

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Illusory Correlation



Work in Progress \\ Alice Guy Hall


Grotte Stellaire

Palais de tokyo

a tribute to the primitive paintings that can be found in the caves of Lascaux

|short bio below

The project deals with the ancestral fascination that the first men had for stars and the mystical power of the animal kingdom. These string drawings bring us back to the experience of a planetarium, where the ceiling shows us a sky we rarely see. Like beautiful constellations, these galloping beasts seem to escape invisible predators from an infinite galaxy.


+click for enlargemet

             day                          after                        day

 interview-Julien Salaud

running now !  more at

- La Triennale – Intense Proximity

- Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Current Exhibitions from the artist


Visual Art // Maria Aparicio Puentes

[Note: the artist uses random photos that she discovers and then she gives her geometrical pattern of the photo -- using mixed media pieces and shape]

”As a child, my favorite subject at school was always visual arts, I loved it! It relaxed me and show me new things, connect everything in a more intuitive but also with clearly defined work processes. I imagine that some of these impressions point me to study Architecture.

[quiz at the end - - go.go]

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Intarsia|Marquetry – Tilo Uischner

luv.luv for yOu Aussie FG addicts.

special wood artwork(a.k.a intarsia-marquetry[wikihelp]) from Tilo Uischner –


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i work because i love this sh*t

a bit of motivation from the 

Library Interiors — Candida Höfer

letting interior be the subject – Candida Höfer’s book Libraries gives us her perspective on contemporary photography

[scroll down xp needed]

take a look☟

Wiblingen Abbey, Germany

Trinity College, Dublin

Rijkmuseum Library, Amsterdam

public part British Library, London

Nationnale Library of Austria, Vienna

Metten Abbey, Germany


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Photo & Retouch by Erik Johansson

yo minionz, quantanamera etcetera.. Zuper swedish sex-appeal for now from the uber talented Erik Johansson

Go your own road

” I get inspired by things around me in my daily life and all kinds of things I see. Every new project is a new challenge and my goal is to realize them as realistic as possible.”

Anlagd oversvamning

”For me photography is just a way to collect material to realize the ideas in my mind”

▼Le Gallery▼

[ch ch - click for detail view]


street illusion by Erik


Image of the Day ● Blind Spot

Now you know …

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