I Love Graffiti, When it’s NOT on my Property

Topsafe London are pleased to announce a new print release by Roid.

The print is loosely inspired by the hypocritical view point of most graffiti writers and all the media types and companies squeezing graffiti for everything its worth.

This is Roids’ first print release since June 2009, and is released in anticipation of his upcoming debut solo show on May 31st 2012.

Edition of 100  Each one hand finished, unique and selected at random4 layer screenprint, with 3 layers of hand finished spray paint by the artist.

 Signed and Numbered by the artist.

29.7″ X 21.7″
75.5cm X 55.5cm
Somerset Silk 270gsm
£120 plus postage & packaging

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About Roid ☟

“Since beginning as a graffiti artist almost 12 years ago, Roid has always sought to create his own unique and distinctive style. And despite his young age, he is arguably one of the most influential graffiti artists in the world, he has spawned an army of followers who wish to seek to push the boundaries of traditional New York Subway graffiti.

Now practicing as an fine artist in London, his motto as a graffiti writer is to look outside of graffiti fror inspiration. His world of influence is constantly evolving, with his latest paintings drawing influence from modern day British graphic design, and his usual plethora of cosmic world and 1980s electronic music graphics.

Roid is a member of Los Angeles art collective, the Mad Society Kings & The Seventh Letter- which boasts one of the strongest lineages of illegal writers turned successful gallery artists in the history of the movement- he counts Retna, Saber & Revok, all from Los Angeles, as his closest peers. Roid’s debut gallery appearance was at the Known Gallery, Los Angeles in August 2010.”

Ciao for now. keep it unreal

One response to “I Love Graffiti, When it’s NOT on my Property

  1. camillabehrens

    These are really cool, very expressive!