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Megalopolis // Shanghai

Collection of high.contrast, black & white photos of Shanghai
by Martin Stavars



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Trip le Trip

Its just a ride

drawings by Eibatova Karina 

Happy Scrolling.Down ☟


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drawing worlds // Pat Perry

You know how you discover something new from time to time and get totally amazed by it. Thats what happened here at the FG with the drawings of P@ Perry

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Before posting the images I just have to say that although the “final works” are amazing I was much more intrigued by the “work in process” drawings !

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Rear Window II – model \ set design

holla peeplz,

we have previously posted about le “Rear Window” and how Jeff Desom  recreated a panoramic view from the original footage (link to article)

This time the action is coming from Marialuisa Pacini and her modeling skills where she really gave life to the already famous shots of the film.

Enjoy the model

World’s first 3D Chocolate Printer

after the last post lets throw something more “stoopid” out there

Creative 3D Chocolate from Your Desktop!

Choc Edge is proudly launching the world first commercial 3D chocolate printer, Choc Creator, for users who make creative chocolates. Choc Creator is a simple, yet versatile desktop 3D chocolate printer. Learn more about our technology. Choc Edge aims to become world leader in cutting edge chocolate priniting solutions.”

Le Video

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c u 2mo