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Fragile ◆ The Big Egg Hunt // by BREAD

I imagine most of you are familiar at this point with the “Big Egg Hunt” that took place in London [not really sure if its still on]

Here is a great entry by Bread who brought some top class digital fabrication atmosphere with their Egg.

“Fragile was a pretty daunting construct, fabricated from just over 1 Kilogramme of selectively laser sintered nylon – donated and manufactured by the DMC – thats quite a small amount of material for an elliptical volume over 750mm tall and 450mm wide. Not to mention that the majority of elements are just a few millimetres thick. Due to its complexity, the shape had to be split into separate shells which were assembled in a negative mould. Each shell was joined by ‘tapping’ using a soldering iron (not all to dissimilar from how you would locate metal panels for welding) and then fixed with epoxy resin.

It’s always difficult to appreciate how the complexity one can create in the digital realm will manifest in the physical, so it was a rather nerve racking process watching the egg take shape. Suffice it to say, everyone was pretty pleased with the final result.”

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Ze Video ☞ Click


Meanwhile in L.A there is some “show me the money” action ^^


To Go Greenhouse // Failz

Its getting late here in Paris so lets throw something “lighter” to you mi readerz. Somehow I saw this project floating around the web and started laughing. Lolz.

It was first introduced as part of the Milan Design Week (u know peepol with moleskinz and starbucks everywhere)

To be completely honest I wasn’t that shocked with the actual design result rather the famous “text description” that accompanies any piece of design. Lolz

Le Text :
“From the most primitive needs to the most evolve transformations, plants have always been key element in human development. Oxygen, food, cloth, color, medecine: at the core of civilization remain our relation with vegetales and the tools and crafts which result of it. On a foreign planet plant could witness for us if this land could be a new garden of eden. Therefore one of our luggage must insure the preservation of this precious resource if we want to be sure to make home on another terra.” 

…wait i will make it clear for you minions..

Our friend here is saying that probably this guy :

or even better these peepol :

are now CELEBRATING !!
since this innovation (almost discovery I could add here) took place.


Bad taste or Masterpieces ? ?

Yes, its back [by popular demand] so lets get started:

ok 2 more :

whooops. what just happened up there Bjarke ?

*no need to ask why “learning from las vegas” is in the Tag section of this post



Ferdinando Scarfiotti // Toys

Holla, this one of the post that should be classified under “creative inspiration” or something like that; you get the point.

“By 1987 Scarfiotti was firmly ensconced in Los Angeles, but he returned briefly to Italy for a terrific little picture called Mamba. The plot is a vicious treat: Gregg Henry plays a sneering, self-contained software magnate who elects to punish his ex-lover (Trudi Styler) by penning her within her apartment in the company of a drug-crazed snake. The mamba has the luxurious advantage of an hour in which to puncture its prey before overdosing on venom, but it finds in Styler a resourceful opponent. The loft which Scarfiotti designed for Styler is a riot of postmodern design flourishes in the seriously playful style of Ettore Sottsass, accordingly making merry with conventional notions of architectural syntax. It is a kind of erotic fantasy for subscribers to Blueprint, so much so that, when in the course of her frenetic flight from the mamba, Styler scatters her furniture and tarnishes her pristine floors, the viewer feels a sharp and unexpected pang of sorrow.

* * *

This was no idle threat, so to speak. Scarfiotti’s touchstone for Toys would be the Italian Futurist Fortunato Depero, a crackerjack of all trades whose inventions included patterned waistcoats, bolted books, sets for Diaghilev, and covers for Vanity Fair. The choice was inspired. Depero had also been a compulsive maker and illustrator of figurines, and, with Giacomo Balla, penned in 1915 Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe, hymning a new world order ’run according to the principles of the Futurist toy’. M Depero’s joyful paeans to fighting dolls (not nearly so grimace-worthy as Marinetti’s conviction that war was a form of hygiene for civilisation) gave Scarfiotti a line straight into the highly coloured whimsy Toys required.

* * *

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Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters


lets start with that..


< why not >

Anywayz, lets get started with this creative dad. While most of you take time to shoot ur plant or ur cat this guy made a whole narrative our of his daughters’ every day life. We def enjoyed it!

Le Slideshow ☟

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The Dream of Flying // JETMAN

Enough with photography and stuff for today, lets get going with some highly exciting toys; made for flying. !

Until now I was aware only of the WingSuit. I have never seen one but for your information here is a picture of this particular device.

Anywayz, just a few minutes ago I saw a new video from Evert Cloetens’ vimeo (link)


The ultimate dream of flight – soaring through the air, with total freedom in all three dimensions, not within a heavy and complicated machine but with only one’s body and sensations – a dream everybody had at least once in their life.

JETMAN made it real.

Test flights in Swiss airspace.


David Stephenson // Capturing the “vault”

I have to admit it, this post should be liked by every little FG minion follower.

If you are :

Architect: ok no questionz asked
CG Artist: The guy you have been copy-pasting included several shots in vaults..the Third & the whaaa?
Photographer: amazing no? think before you click this little button
Little bitch:  you like everything we post

Anyway, back to the post now, photographer David Stephenson has probably one of the best “eyez” out there capturing the architectural element of the vault with great success.

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