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Can you feel it? // Julius Shulman

lots of respect for the architectural photographer Julius Shulman  (October 10, 1910 – July 15, 2009) — quotes from LAtimes –> link

His mission was to use his photography to build the reputation of architects who were bringing innovative design to the West. His clients included Frank Lloyd Wright and Rudolf M. Schindler.


Shulman’s studio was one of three in the United States to which Arts & Architecture, Architectural Forum and other magazines turned to document the exciting new work being done in architecture.

“He has a sense of visual bravura of composition so that he can take a rather mundane house and make it look exciting, and take a spectacular house and 

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In Dreams / UK 2011 by Samuel Blain

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via onedotzero we spotted the work of Samuel Blain

ch ch check it out ☟

A profound and experimental documentary focusing on the weirdest and most vivid dreams of normal individuals. After numerous interviews, five of the most imaginative talking heads were selected for the documentary. Each story is heightened by enhancing the live action with computer-generated imagery, replacing the faces with a visual representation of their mind. Graduation project for the recently established Motion Graphics and Animation course at Northumbria University.