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A Chinese Fairy Tale // Photography

A great photo travel experience by Atelier Olschinsky in the beautiful landscapes of China. I am not able to pick one photo out of the collection as “ze best” but all together really push the whole “travelling without moving” idea.

Check previous post on Atelier Olschinsky : “City Speculations” ☜

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Le Frank designs chess set for Tiffany

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 One of our favorite high.rollers in architecture has designed a chess set specially for Tifanny. not bad at all for Le.Frank!

“Frank Gehry has always been a lover of chess, but develop their creativity in just 258 cm2 is a very special challenge. The 32 pieces of the game are unique structures that can sometimes remind the Guggenheim Museum or its skyscraper at 8 Spruce Street in New York.

Gehry has said that what he likes most about his work is seen as “changing the architectural landscape” as the game unfolds. A real treat for fans of strategy games, available at Tiffany and Co. only request: from € 19,000.00″

via deluxespain (+)


The FG.Team has already placed its order for a new set to be delivered in the office at some point next week.

oooh yeahz

The 1939 World’s Fair – Photo Collection

73 years ago today, the World’s Fair (1939 edition) had its grand opening with a whopping 206,000 people in attendance.

The theme that year was The World Of Tomorrow, and one of our favorite exhibits of the lot was the Westinghouse Time Capsule that was buried 50 feet below Flushing Meadows Park (there was also one buried for the 1965 fair). Both will be opened in the year 6939, unless someone finds and digs them up before then. In the 1939 capsule contained, amongst other things, copies of Life magazine, a kewpie doll, one dollar in change, a pack of Camel cigarettes, a 15-minute newsreel, and seeds in glass tubes.

Via Gothamist

Scenographic Protractor // Perspective

< yo >

“With thanks to Bill Hastings, some images from instructional books on perspective. 300 years on and people still persevere to find a scientific method of depicting space.”

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Bad-taste Graphics FTW // Club Heat Von Cool

hello hello little troll followers.

another groundbreaking project for your eyes to feast on.Infinite skillz nurturing endless wisdom, pushing architectural expression to its boundaries.

andrew TÉTRAULT & federica von EUW from -the always sunny- Philadelphia have been kind enough to share another pearl with you, and og course suckerpunchdaily, known for its awesome scouting skills, had the balls to publish it…lolz (click hmuah to teleport to a super secret shadow server)

“Club Heat von Cool is an urban nightclub that was developed out of, and sought to become, a part of the intensive accumulation of atmospheres and scales present in one of the world’s most dynamic and culturally heterogeneous neighborhoods, Harajuku, Tokyo. The project became a morphology of varying systemic interiorities sequenced and transformed from the inside out to create a nightclub of sensations and effects.”

the FG team appreciates the effort guys, but just to let you know, you still have a long way to go before attaining Jorge-level Master Bullshitter..

—dafuq parallel universe is this?—


2 All grphic designers out there..stop pretending to be architects.

Parental Advisory \\ site-specific installations

[loading 89%]

late night invasions – – creations by Phoebe Washburn(+)

    ▼▼             ▼▼             ▼▼

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Risk it for a biscuit | feat.Johan Thörnqvist

yeah! let’s do it! Risk it for a biscuit play for now. –

– by acting in a small percentage to the outcome of the picture — (40%MSC)

JUST one way  of design spectrum, creating a ”world” out of it  ,here is a peak of  Johan Thörnqvist work(personal site –>Snarlik)

Real Time Photos


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[SO] back // Ups & Downz

hallo germany, hallo Europez

what an action packed april this one has been…or not. The truth is that the FG team has been keeping one eye out for random lols here and there… Truth is that there were quite a few of them, but we aint no haterz, so were not gonna focus only one the bad side…

So lets start with our Ups and Downz for April.

UP #1


Now, we all know that we are not so in fond of SciArc and their tactics but we have to admit it when we see something we actually like. Figuring on the top, and only entry, of the UP category this random chinese dude, who DISSOBEYED his tutors instructions to FULLY PARAMETRISIZE his project, amd had the balls to use his Photoshop skillz for once in that school…No need to say this guy failed his semester…lolzz

-like bringing knives to a gunfight..wa?-








*FG approved*



yes yes, we know that every time your first year tutor asks you do find some refferences for your project, most of you botz run like headless chickens to Dezeen’s homepage, but..


Unfortunately the most interesting articles lately on dezeen are the mixtape articles from five years ago…




So, what up with our so precious idols…?no, seriously…

Zaha is like trying to boost her popularity through random design fairs( last she was spotted at Milan’s Design Fair, being interviewed by a random chinese dezeen intern…’nuff said), Gehry is still locked in his private room, having an eye-to-eye showdown with a koutsomoura*(scroll down to see what koutsomoura means) in order to find inspiration, and The BIG is still playing his ball-even though his playing volleyball with tennis balls…- and Rem has gone guerilla, withdrawn in russia and launching his strategic operations, undercover mode.


guys, hire an image consultant, new 3d monkeys, more hot secretaries…


And for the end, another classical case of



Materialise.MGX’s lamp from 2007…


Jordan Hodgson, from the Royal College of Art in da Londan

Leaving it to you to judge who copied who…

*koutsomoura : is a native Mediterranean fish (very ugly and very funny )


IKEA reveals cardboard camera & b.a.c.k ?

As you will notice in the near future le FG team is almost back in le HIT mode [oooh yeaah]. For the moment, just a small “SS” post

Digital Camera made out of Cardboard

At the recent Fuorisalone event, a design expo held in Milan, IKEA gave out branded cameras in its press kit to media attendees. The simplistic cardboard camera has built-in memory that can store up to 40 digital photos. It’s powered by two AA-sized batteries and has a pull-out USB connector so you can transfer the photos to your computer. Once you’ve reached 40 photos, you can wipe out the internal memory and start over again.

IKEA’s disposable camera probably won’t be able to handle the wear and tear of ordinary cameras, but it’s certainly a nifty gadget for a branded merchandise.


via PSFK