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Georgia Salpa’s first ice-cream of 2012

another sunny day at the office – and what can be more inspiring, than taking advantage of the sun outside and why not? enjoy an ice-cream

H     O     T                                             H     O     T                                                H     O     T

Well done Georgia 

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3D artworks // Takanori Aiba

expanding his range through his life as a freelance maze illustrator, Takanori Aiba’s further permutation move was as concept maker and art director for architectural spaces. Let’s get more into a weird[naah] 3Dstyle of work – by his latest exhibition, under the name

“Adventures of the Eyes” 

”Aiba’s works make use of an aerial perspective, which like the diagram for a maze[wikimaze], shows the whole from above (macro view) while including minute details (micro view).”


exceptionally handled works

D     R     A     W     I     N     G                  –                  B     O     N     S     A     I

Takanori Aibas works – from the 13th Annual Realism Juried Online International Art Exhibition going on until Jan 2013(+)

On the way to food

Pimp ma drawing board

|Spot it – Transform it| feat.Lower Manhattan

 yo. zup. FG all the way from New York downtown- spreading special stuff for FGaddicts.


Paul Rudolph’s proposal for an expressway running across lower Manhattan from 1967-72, linking New Jersey to Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

 Parker Seybold created a gif that animates Paul Rudolph’s Lower Manhattan Expressway “LoMex” from 1970 and layers it onto a Google Maps perspective of the neighborhood today.

 In comparison to Rudolph’s proposal, Vernon Roether’s “Collage section mash-up of the Highline, the street and the Delancey Underground” explores the possibility of underground spaces to be reactivated following the model of the High Line.

Roether asks, “What does it look and feel like to be underground in NYC?” in order to reframe the potential of underground spaces.

Connecting the underground space to the rest of the neighborhood and streets above is a key to unlocking its potential . Seybold’s research of the site around the unused trolley terminal underneath Delancey Street studied the traffic patterns of coming on and off the Williamsburg Bridge.

The diagram above visualizes the 24 hour traffic volume (data from NY DOT)
blue = westbound traffic 
red = eastbound traffic

The site is connected to transportation infrastructure in multiple ways and plays an important role in helping people move throughout the city and neighborhood. Historically, the Williamsburg Bridge has been a significant node between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

 Given the incredible complexity of the site, the studio will be working with the MTA and the Delancey Underground as well as well as the Center for Urban Realestate (CURE) to envision the future roles the underground and above ground spaces might play in the surrounding neighborhood and city.

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Senseless Drawing Bot // cool machines

Created by So KANNO + Takahiro YAMAGUCHI
Metal Works Supported by Hitto ASAI
Special Thanks: Montana Colors Japan



“15th Japan Media Art Festival”
2.22 – 3.4, 2012

@AKIBATAMABI21, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
9.10 – 10.10, 2011

● VIDEO in action ●

Irina Shayk goes swimming

yo to everyone enjoying the sunny day 2day,

down here at the FG when architecture tends to get boringly boring we turn to our 2nd interest : hot chicks.

Irina Shayk has always been a good distractions even for our chinese interns with job description : “changing line thickness in Adobe Illustrator” 

Anywayz, Irina went swimming with a friend in Miami and I could say the photographer captured all views of the model [front, back, left, right]


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In case you are a woman interested both in architecture & our blog (quite unlikely) and you found this post offensive….


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before taking

one step away

to balance


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