Art // Graffiti on WWII military planes

the boneyard project: return trip
pima air and space museum, tucson, arizona, USA
january 28th, 2012 until may 31st, 2012

the pima air + space museum (PIMA) is hosting ‘art from the boneyard’, a project curated by eric firestone, carlo mccormick,
leslie oliver and med sobio featuring several non-functioning WWII american military airplanes covered in the painted work
of contemporary artists. in ‘art from the boneyard: return trip’, how & nosm, retna, andrew shoultz, faile, and nunca, among
other creatives, journeyed to a ‘bone yard’, a large resting space for planes in disuse, in order to complete the five massive
mural paintings on the bodies of retired aircrafts.

the tradition of using the massive surface of a plane as a canvas has been a tradition in the united states air force for generations.
‘nose art’ became a popular form of graffiti painting in the WWII era as soldiers decorated the fronts of the planes which would
carry them into battle. ‘the boneyard project: return trip’ is the second installation of the series in which the artists created
a semi-sculptural, painted expression of his/her associations with the history of air travel and warfare.

all images © eric firesone 

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4 responses to “Art // Graffiti on WWII military planes

  1. Haha^troll here^

    Thats pretty funny. But I love out of the ordinary art forms like this. I mean who thinks of these things?! But these are some pretty amazing pictures, and graffiti takes a lot of talent. Well good graffiti does anyway.

  2. This is more than amazing! So much THANK YOUs about posting it! (:

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