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WOW//not that cheesy online game.

some super crazy news for all you Arduino freaks!

the Raspberry Pi Foundation is close to storm out its very first in its genre, micro-computer available soon only in the UK(daMN) for the ridiculous price of 25$ !!! thats some news that simply do not need any other comment…..>>>(+)<<<

Now thats fuckin’ crazy!!!go home and drool nerds!!!

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Building ____ // Life of Sgraffito

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Tuesday morning randomness LEVEL UP on

Sgraffito–> scratching through wet plaster on a wall showing different-colour under surface (2 color)

The title comes from italian “sgraffito” -  a wall decor technique commonly used in Europe to decorate castles and chateaus during the Renaissance.
— Italy in the 16th century

Sgraffito played a significant role during the years of the Renaissance in Italy.  As a simple native art old examples of sgraffito were found in Florence and more specifically in the chateaus , Palazzo Ramirez de Montalvo and Palazzo Peppi  [draft sketch included for the first one to GET you in the subject]


During the 16th century the technique was brought to Germany by the master builders of the Renaissance and taken up with enthusiasm by the formative craftsmen..


In Catalonia, sgraffito was implemented in the early 20th century by the Noucentista neo-classical architects and became a recurrent technique in façade decoration.

[Lets get more into it]
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many bows to Wikimedia Commons

Xmas//The true meaning

here is a fresher perception of what xmas is all about….



santa gettin into some gangsta shit


Insane Breaking News//Revolution going on


Merry christmas, happy easter, bla bla bla…


things are getting hotter in the ESA in Paris as some friends informed us…last issue of the student’s journal “Le Petit Journal des ignorants et autres irresponsables” just published it’s third volume, featuring a a wonderfull satiric front cover illustration of some of the french(or not) elite(or not) of the architecture world paying their respects to The Queen. (+) <click for the whole issue…




**Christmas Bonus**

thats what i call a merry christmas

keepin’ it short for now…C ya



Trip to ze Moon// Reloaded

sup my minions.

we actually stumbled upon what may be the film restoration to beat all other film restorations — the colour version of Georges Méliès Le voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) (1902).While the film is far from being lost,  all known hand-colored prints of the film were considered lost until 1993, when a copy, in very poor shape, was turned up by Filmoteca de Catalunya in Barcelona. The print was then acquired by Serge Bromberg’s Lobster Films, who overcame great odds to restore the film in time for Méliès 150th birth year celebration.


link to the book dedicated to the restoration (+)

A.Brodsky//Exhibition Invasion


Yo yo yo.

Some sneaky play by the FG team…we visited the exhibition by A.Brodsky currently at the Esa in paris and were really happy to find out this lovely drawing as part of the exhibition. Now thats what i call promoting your website bitchez…

project of the day // The Smurfs (or Los Pitufos in Spanish)




tooo busy to post.

since sunday we are involved in a 4 day private rave / gathering / symposium with the finest of radicalism from London and Los Angeles (and everywhere in between)

few photos to get you satisfied

be back in a day or two

FG team

Xmas cards from FG #3 // MAD

much luv to MAD.

Level up//Automata: engineering for a post oil world


Lazy Sunday so we will be sharing you a piece of gold we found on the internet (+)

Our fascination with sophisticated technology lies at the core of many of our present-day problems. Yet, it need not be. By definition, technical virtuosity doesn’t need to result in yet another electronic gadget or an even faster accelerating sports car. It can also lead to stunning yet completely harmless artefacts called “automata”.

These are mostly hand-cranked machines that can be extremely complex, often with the only purpose of astonishing the spectator. Automata have been built for more than 2,000 years, but contemporary artists have elevated the craft to a higher level. Aside from their emotional value, automata offer a glimpse of a future, post-oil technology.


There is a lot to say about the history of automata, but it is the modern work that deserves attention. Contrary to the examples that can be found in museums and old documents, present-day automata do not try to hide their internal mechanisms. The purpose of an automaton is no longer to make a mechanical copy of reality. Today, builders of automata want to evoke emotions, they want to make us dream.


The often fragile combination of gears, wheels and wires, as well as the sounds they make, are now an important part of the whole. Yet, automata are no Rude Goldberg machines, in which the mechanisms have been made needlessly complex. The mechanism of an automaton can be extremely elaborate, but never needlessly so. The makers of automata are not mocking technology, they are celebrating it.

+Plus a cool vid




our secretary in action…