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Unpacking the FG archive #2//Thursday night Randomiser

keepin it SUPER simple *

…”always try to randomize it.!”…




See ya..!


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Sunday Bluff// Model Deconstruction


just raising our equity by range merging the off-hand stats from our leader position with this post about destroying models…smashing things is super awesome.!!

the DeathFromAbove

the JustPlayin’Stoopid

the ItHitTheFan

the PrankCall

the DramaticOne


Unpacking the Archive – Paris King // J to the N




Because we can

A plea for givenness

Good morning little trolls,

We give knowledge and wisdom for free today straight from the FG library.

“The Physiology and Phenomenology of Action


“Why use the word, givenness? The justification of this term givenness (outside its usage by Husserl) is that it now becomes necessary to situate ourselves at a level that not only interests the physiologist but also the physicist and even the anthropologist, the level of a general (non – specific) ontology devoted to “whatever is”. Givenness has to do with the way in which an object that exists in and for itself comes to be manifest for someone who gets to know it. Givenness also has to do with the organized totality of those constitutive operations thanks to which a subject is capable of giving itself an object. This terminology was introduced to resist the fixational temptations associated with the term sense data, which signifies that the object is simply what is there. However, a configuration in a visual field is not really data, far from it. For what are required so that is should exist are visual activities, the activity of gazing in order that some appearing thing acquire a stable form. So the word data is the end result of a process that has been brutally reified. The term givenness is more interesting on account of its progressive character, this active disbursing of sense data across a certain duration in the life of the subject, all of which is evoked by this nominalization of an action word (to give; givenness). Something is given on the basis of nothing or, more exactly, on the basis of a sort of pre-phenomenal retention of what is not yet manifest. So givenness refers us back to an altogether more primary level. It is a matter of appreciating that objects, is no far as they support properties, even sense data, are not there from the first. They have to be elaborated. Terms like elaborate, constitute, construct, and attribute designate this dynamic interaction between the subject and its world, a world which, for agents, is before all else their field of practical interaction. So these terms imply the same dynamic vocabulary.

Givenness saves us from a temptation inherent in transcendentalism: its excessive idealism. We are not talking about attributing to the subject the ability to create, from the ground up, an object that never existed before. What the subject contributes to the object is its sense. It has a sense for him, a sense that only emerges in relation to him, and this no matter what the nature of the object endowed with such a sense. Because any such object is the product of a living organism that has its habits, desires, needs, filters and hypotheses on the world in which it lives, and so attributes properties a priori or at least seeks to find such properties in the external world.”



Alain Berthoz & Jean – Luc Petit

Unpacking the Archive // Random plays


we keep getting emails the last 3-4 days about posting something serious and stop killing blogs just for fun.

watch and learn my minions what


is really about

Renzo’s interns just discovered the new Rhino handbook

French GOD of architecture Francois the ROCCCHE keeping notes // RADICAL!

Spotted outside the AA. ohyeahhh!!

Brad & Frank

Few more pics from FG archives are in the gallery bellow. (So boring to post all these photos since you cant even vote on X or H properly)

ciao for now

Photoshop CS4 Tutorials//THE BJARKE

The truth is, our little troll minions, that we had another article under construction for you tonight…something like how super-creative and uber-versatile danish architecture firms are…

Instead, here is some food for thought…(Sad no?)



NOTE1 Think about it

NOTE2 The chinese interns working on the site must have had so much fun…

Morning Quiz // for the radicals only // X or H ??


we got a little situation in Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates office and hopefully you could help!!!

After realizing this MASTERPIECE, every single magazine and journal want to publish it!





Please vote so we can contact the Katsutoshi crew and help them out!

Killing the rats


since most of our readers are considered deep thinkers and art lovers we are sure you will appreciate this post





boring friday

Holla stoopid readers,

we just got back in paris and realized that THE BIG will hit our city with his Diagram-Architecture. BORING!

It is clear that he got influenced by our negotiation techniques (yes those we used to obtain Presidents Medals winners from Mr.Richardsson)

As a result he will realize one of the most radical and potentially influential buildings of the century. Its a pure cube with one node point moved to the left WITHOUT pressing “Shift” (that was a key point for the design process)
. Up Up for THE BIG a.k.a I Make Bitches Wet (+)

we dont really care since tonight will be hitting once again all the hot spots of Paris
and after 03:00 our loft office will be looking a bit like that:

Architect of the Year Awards 2011 // LOL

oh yeah!!

The event we have all been waiting for SO long (NOOT!) finally took place!

Architect of the year communicates how stooopid can someone look in a photo + what high rollers architects are supposed to be

We  will not upload photos of the winners cos :

1) we could not be bothered to see who actually won


who wouldnt kill for this in his living room??

always hot chicks (whaaa?) attend such events since architects are well known players

I once attended the Playboy Playmate contest and the spatial disposition of the tables look EXACTLY like this!



whatever 2

^THIS guy is responsible for the event



we will be shortly announcing our own architect of the year shortlist since we are sure we will not agree with the already existing situation