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High Roller Paris PAWNER+chinese peepol

JN, was spotted few nights back at the ultimate hot spot of Paris @Arc Club.
STARchitects like him fear no goverment, laws or legislations.
Figuring among thousands of posters in teenagers rooms (specially in China) is by far one of our role model in the bis of architecture.

As he oftenly shouts when drunk
“Nouvel is my name, rolling is my game!”

(JN doing his thing @Arc backstage)

sneak peak: interview action


In the case of JN, behind this great designer lies a whole army of Chinese slaves a.k.a CAD/3D monkeys.
We  recently got informed that there will be a sort of REVOLUTION-RESISTANCE taking place in his Paris Headquarters since chinese employees have not been fed nor seen the sun for the last couple of months! Post will come later regarding this issue.

Numerous and difficult “tasks” have to be succesfully fullfilled if you are CHINESE and want to work for JN!

BONUS back2back

Contemporary Greek philosopher based in NewYork  elaborates on the recent trend of starchitects having chinese guys as slaves in their offices!

still awake…

*i stumbled upon this photo last night….i still can’t get no sleep..

West side Don Wiscombe


Finding photos of tom on the net is almost impossible. However we found some super classified material from a jury where the high-roller God from west side was giving his wisdom for free! yes for free; in the name of education etc.

as you can see even Eric Owen Fucking Moss came along to roll with Tom!

Hernan the minimalist is getting angry^^

*There is also a 1hour lecture by THE TOM but i dont think anyone will bother watching it. Is about how he left the small town of Vienna where he was actually designing stuff to join the sci-arc crew, turn into a Level85-Bullshitter and get numerous awards in the way.

One of Tom’s billion groupies

some early morning reading

Extract from the writing “ENDLESSNESSLESS”, by ROCHE&Sie(n)

“More than a’s an ‘apparatus’..In a paranoid sense, an apparatus for submitting and being submitted to a large spectrum of interpretations, from self-illusion freak three-dimensional effects. We could consider this ‘suspended time’ as the first apparatus, or , more precisely, how the relationship strategies that are embedded in this ‘moment’ simultaneously articulate knowledge and are articulated by knowledge. The two little girls are looking at the production of their 0wn paranoias, transforming, at the same time, the representation of our own reality. They articulate fiction and reality, by creating through their subjectivities a narration that renegotiates with tangible substances. We are directly confronted with the boundaries of the system, where, from this scripted confusion, emerges an apparatus which is at the same time revealing the absence of boundaries of self-conciousness..

Francois Roche

..truly inspiring

Jorge Ayala

*The ultimate Bullshit Generator*

-no, seriously, this guy will sell you anything-

*and on top


‘sup bitchez?

we have allways been dreamers..from Socrates to Benjamin Franklin..

from Jesus to’s only that some of our visions for the future might seem a bit….”useless”. Despite, I find the images below, displaying gadgets invented in the early 20th century, extremely appealing. Concepts such as human/artificial prosthetics, meachanics and robotics, and the implementations-anthropological, social, ethical etc- lying behind the introduction of such layers in our every day life are extremely aspiring and make us challenge and redefine the projection of our species into the future.

below you will find the hip-and-handy smoke umbrella, a chic-and-tredy vacuum beauty helmet treatment, a sneaky cigaret case, a bike for the whole family(of course the Mom can never rest so practises her sewing techniques..), and my personal favorite the cannon scooter. I am wondering how this last one can help us rethink the ways wa conceive and plan our cities…


this one is for the Dark Knight

*and da bitchez for you bithez

Which one is this pokemon?

Well, lets be honest here. We found this picture a few weeks back and are still laughing (ok not really) by what is actually going on. Take a wild guess & will let you know in a few days/

tip1:any “other” is welcome
tip2:there is no correct!



Yes its true.
Our field of design has its own rap anthems! Simply enjoy, ‘nough said